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  1. Sweet Dreams of Violence
    by Candy Apple
  2. Posthumous Pounce!
    by Yambag
  3. The Cosmic Leash
    by Drill Sergeant
  4. Damnation
    by Enzyme
  5. Braindead
    by Enzyme
  6. Abuse of Power
    by Enzyme
  7. Piss On Authority
    by Enzyme
  8. Demo
    by Enzyme
  9. Deathlike Journeys
    by Pagan Moon
  10. Filth Attack
    by scum
  11. Snipers Nest
    by Regime 18
  12. Hivemind
    by Rash
  13. 'Digital Hell' CS
    by IMPEDE
  14. Diesis (Sturmian Worlds)
    by The Dying Californian
  15. Cold Clipper
    by The Dying Californian
  16. Heliotrope
    by The Dying Californian
  17. from the depths in which i dwell
    by subterranean prison
  18. Sunset of Solemn Silhouettes
    by Katabasilisk
    by GEOLWE
  20. Machine Driven Mechanical Assault
    by Midnight Climax