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  1. "777" [HNR36]
    by Various Artists
  2. ON
    by True Vibenation
  3. In the Water Now
    by Damicans
    Light That Cigarette (feat. Mel Kat) Light That Cigarette (feat. Mel Kat)
    Damicans has made something totally immersive. Like a trippy after party, it is introspective, personal and yet a thoroughly shared experience. Play this loud in headphones or through a good amp with quality speakers to hear the texture of field recordings, hand made sounds and acoustic instruments. Dive in! The water is great!
    Waiting for a rave remix of 'Light that Cigarette'...
  4. UNTITLED (Rise)
    by SAULT
    Free Free
    Sault bring energy and inspiration to the world with 'RISE'. Another great album that is instantly different, but oh so Sault. Doing for music what Banksy does for visual art, this troop of anonymous geniuses challenge, inspire, entertain and educate.
    One of the best things about 2020 thus far!
  5. UNTITLED (Black Is)
    by SAULT
    Wildfires Wildfires
    Sault do it again! Another cracking album, entirely different to their other two but equally compelling. This album is full of creepers that worm their way in and stay for days. Solid.
  6. Minecraft - Volume Beta
    by C418
  7. 7
    by SAULT
    Threats Threats
    Sault are the best. They have the freshest sound for such a long time. It is like an amazing producer is orchestrating a wonderful group of creative musicians and singers. Every song is fresh and different yet distinctly Sault. Favourite songs Tip Toe, Threat.
  8. 5
    by SAULT
    Don't Waste My Time Don't Waste My Time
    Sault is definitely a leap forward. Beautiful dreamy tracks that are so well produced it sounds like Eno, Spector, Jones and Bacharach have collaborated with an all star band and hand picked voices. Doesn’t get any fresher than this. Favourite track Masterpiece.
  9. Heavy Rain
    by Lee "Scratch" Perry
  10. Excursions
    by C418
  11. FIREC012LP/CD Panoram - Everyone Is A Door
    by Panoram
  12. Rainford
    by Lee "Scratch" Perry
    The great chicken Scratch. Three tracks in and I love it. Perry continues to reinvent the possibilities of dub music. Future classic, again.
    Check out the Pay it all back (#7) compilation on On U Sound for more excellent Perry and future thinking dub.
  13. Physically Sick
    by Physically Sick
  14. Ambivert Tools One-Four Japan CD
    by Lone
  15. True Story [HNR90]
    by N8NOFACE
  16. Stories Of Those [HNR69]
    by N8NOFACE
  17. System
    by Trevor Jackson
  18. Shelley's on Zenn-La
    by Oliver Coates
  19. Pinklunch
    by Pinklunch
    Trevor Jackson is one of the most consistent music producers alive. His catalogue is quite amazing for its sheer quantity and of course quality. You can hear how sensitive Jackson is to the sound he is making when listening to his tracks as he is right in there with you all the way! Jackson creates a sonic landscape that is all his own. Sit back and let Jackson take you to sweaty dark clubs, outdoor raves, kitchen parties and a future place you haven’t experienced yet.
  20. Pathways
    by Philip D Kick