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  1. Scary World
    by Night Club
  2. Requiem for Romance
    by Night Club
  3. Girls On Bikes
    by OSC
  4. 2400bps 8-N-1
    by klack
  5. Night Moves
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
  6. Is Satan Real?
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
  7. Platforms
    by Wolf and Raven
  8. Dream Hunters
    by Wolf and Raven
  9. Real Thing (Remastered)
    by LeBrock
  10. Age of Aquarius
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
    Put this masterpiece out on vinyl please.
  11. Reflections
    by The Black Wizards
  12. Science Fiction
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
  13. Postmodernism
    by Cappo & Cyrus Malachi
  14. Mentalz - Volume One
    by C-Lance
  15. Vandal Savage - Bic Master Vol1
    by Vandal Savage
    This album got me feeling like Prince Akeem’s Dad!!!!!!
  16. Found Objects: Stolen Art EP PT.II
    by Juga-Naut
  17. Laminated Cakes
    by Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor
    by VVV, Cappo, Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage
    This album says brap in your dads face
  19. Rap Album Two
    by Jonwayne
  20. Project Goon
    by Legion Of Goon
    Adam west with a bag of sess!!!!!! Bought this when it came out, still bumping it in 2020 and probably for a loooooong time after that. Bangin rap shit. It’s a crying shame more people haven’t heard of these guys. Look at the rap shit that’s all over the radio compared to this high quality shit! There’s no justice in the rap game!!!!