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  1. I Want To Quit
    by Departure Party
  2. That Amber Lit Morning
    by Enter the Soil
  3. A Beautiful Shade Of Blue
    by The Floral Clocks
  4. Desert Fire
    by The Floral Clocks
  5. Human Resource
    by Human Resource
  6. spring onion pancakes
    by pickle darling
  7. Ghosts
    by Luke Yeoward
  8. Dion Lunadon
    by Dion Lunadon
  9. Dull Life
    by Clap Clap Riot
  10. Apsinthion
    by Gydja & Emme Ya
  11. Why / Liar / Gone (cassette)
    by Bent Folk
  12. For Everest/Carb on Carb Split
    by Carb On Carb
  13. Fire Works
    by Trillion
  14. Digitizer
    by Proton Beast
  15. Shadow Self
    by Élan Vital
  16. Rise Of The Banshee
    by Bulletbelt
  17. Bring Back The Riff (Split 7")
    by Bulletbelt
  18. Weatherless
    by The Map Room
  19. Common Ground EP
    by the transcendents
  20. Dirt Songs
    by the transcendents
  21. Caverns
    by Into Orbit
  22. Caverns
    by Into Orbit
  23. Unearthing
    by Into Orbit
  24. Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs
    by Nadia Reid
  25. Fields*
    by Fields*
  26. 13
    by Head Like A Hole
  27. Invasive Species
    by Dan Boobyer
  28. Faster Than The Speed Of Time
    by Kraus
  29. Watch Out For The Bullies
    by Dad Jokes
  30. No Value
    by Long Distance Runner
  31. The World of Shells
    by Typhonian Highlife (US)
  32. Negative Pulse Logic
    by Omit (NZ)
  33. Hess (Vits-444) / Sludd/Slapps/Substantiv
    by Witcyst / Marhaug (NZ/NOR)
  34. microfeedback lausanne
    by Yan Jun (CHN)
  35. NoFi Rainbow Vol.2
    by Various (NZ)
  36. brainsoutclock
    by yeongrak (NZ)
  37. Trailers and Boats
    by TAB (NZ)
  38. ultimate problem of documentation
    by Isn'tses
  39. ultimate problem of documentation
    by Isn'tses
  40. Attic Sessions - Islington Mill
    by Isn'tses
  41. Live At The Blue Whale
    by Mark de Clive-Lowe
  42. Live At The Blue Whale
    by Mark de Clive-Lowe
  43. Imbibing
    by Diana Tribute
  44. Red Biennial
    by Diana Tribute
  45. Patriotic Grooves LP
    by Unsanitary Napkin