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  1. Mestarin kynsi
    by Oranssi Pazuzu
  2. مَوْلَى
    by Mulla
    يا إلهي يا إلهي
    I would desperately love to write an effulgent and compelling line (or ten) dump-trucking praise on Mulla but I am too busy picking shattered bits of my jaw off of my desk after hearing this. Outstanding in every sense.
  3. Lordship
    by Lordship
  4. Remove Your Skin Please
    by Chat Pile
    Mask Mask
    I don’t always lose my mind. But when I do, this album is the soundtrack.
  5. This Dungeon Earth
    by Chat Pile
    Crawlspace Crawlspace
  6. Split with Weedwolf
    by SEA
  7. Split with KYOTY
    by SEA
  8. Impermanence
    by SEA
  9. SEA EP
    by SEA
    Chronos Chronos
  10. No Light Ever
    by Glacier
  11. Samhain Celebration
    by Vivus Humare
  12. Fensterverse und Nachtgespinste
    by MOSAIC
  13. Samhain Celebration
    by MOSAIC
  14. Einkehr
    by Vivus Humare
    Der Schmerz weckt Der Schmerz weckt
  15. Vlucht
    by Witte Wieven
  16. Avifauna
    by Fauna
  17. Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry
    by Blut Aus Nord
  18. London Orbital
    by Kassad
  19. II
    by Snorlax
    Impending Abysmal Wretchedness Impending Abysmal Wretchedness
  20. Splintering Demo
    by SNORLAX
    Dehumanisation Dehumanisation
  21. ...of the fallen one
    by MOSAIC
    Creator of the Stars Creator of the Stars
  22. Hullefraansnacht
    by MOSAIC
  23. Allerseelenreigen
    by MOSAIC
  24. Supreme Degradation
    by Ossuary
    Seep into the Moldering Void Seep into the Moldering Void
  25. Lunar Cult Society
    by WERIAN
    Acid Mountain Acid Mountain
  26. Animist
    by WERIAN
    March through Ruins March through Ruins
  27. Von Er Eitur
    by Mannveira
    Von Er Eitur Von Er Eitur
  28. Demo
    by chrome ghost
  29. Shallows
    by chrome ghost
  30. Reflection Pool
    by chrome ghost
    Rose Water Drowning Rose Water Drowning
  31. Choir of the Low Spirits
    by chrome ghost
  32. The Diving Bell
    by chrome ghost
    Halo Halo
  33. Bloem
  34. Turia - Vilkacis Split
    by TURIA
  35. Dede Kondre
    by TURIA
    De Houten Tempel De Houten Tempel
  36. Dor
    by TURIA
  37. Beyond the Mortal Gate
  38. The Fever of War
  40. Degen van Licht
    by TURIA
  41. Saudade
    by A Magnificent Cold
  42. Secret Ambrosian Fire
    by MOSAIC
    The Devil's Place The Devil's Place
  43. Pain Cleanses Every Doubt
    by ULTHA
    Death Created Time To Grow The Things It Kills Death Created Time To Grow The Things It Kills
  44. Dismal Ruins, Pt.I (EP)
    by ULTHA
    ...And They Carried Death In Their Eyes ...And They Carried Death In Their Eyes
  45. Converging Sins
    by ULTHA
    You Will Learn About Loss You Will Learn About Loss