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  1. Oracolo
    by Skinshape
  2. The Outskirts Of Reality
    by Yuri Gagarin
  3. The Fearless Flyers
    by The Fearless Flyers
  4. The Fearless Flyers II
    by The Fearless Flyers
  5. Bullug Gegbug Ibgabiug Gixcure Dagabciea Fuic
  6. Binary Sunset Massacre
    by Bantha Rider
  7. Peaceful as Hell
    by Black Dresses
  8. 2Löffelchen
    by Various Birds
    Now There's That Fear Again (Lobkowitz Edit) Now There's That Fear Again (Lobkowitz Edit)
  9. 1Löffelchen
    by Various Birds
    Deixa A Girar Girar Deixa A Girar Girar
  10. Bantha Rider
    by Bantha Rider
    Jawa Juice Jawa Juice
    it's got that chonk.
  11. Cicadidae
    by Igorrr
    just Goddamn!
  12. nihsahshsaH (adj.)
    by Hashshashin
  13. Corvus
    by Squat Club
    M44 Beehive Cluster M44 Beehive Cluster
  14. Sea of Dust
    by Yuri Gagarin
  15. At The Center Of All Infinity
    by Yuri Gagarin
  16. Bacteria Cult
    by Kaada/Patton
    Black Albino Black Albino
    for such soft and quiet music, it's incredibly intense.
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  18. [UR] Personnae: Halloween EP
    by Secret Chiefs 3: UR
  19. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
    Houmous Houmous
    absolutely brilliant.
  20. Cuphead - Original Soundtrack
    by Kristofer Maddigan
    Botanic Panic Botanic Panic