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  1. Soulless Other
    by Sangam
  2. insomniac beats vol III.
    by hyacinth.
  3. Looper Symphony #2: Closing Displacement
    by Ljova
  4. I Couldn't Do That, Yet I Don't Think You Understand That I Basically Had Nothing To Lose; But With All This Cosmic Disorientation, I Don't Think It's Fair To Remind Me Of That Monotonous Music You Play; Really, All I Need Is The Chance To Make Me Run To You And Chase Your Unholy Demons Away
    by Wings Of An Angel
  5. String Quartet Series: Alexey Sysoev
    by Vacuum Quartet
  6. Exhausting Drownings
    by Wings Of An Angel
  7. 2021 | Label Compilation (mixed by todos)
    by A Strangely Isolated Place
  8. Petty Ballads For No More Cold Ashes Below
    by Wings Of An Angel
  9. Crash/Bang
    by Carnival De Carnitas
  10. The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath
    by Ordinary Dystopia Quartet Your Vibrant Disease
  11. CfOC: Elegy
    by unknown artist
  12. Scraping
    by Forever What? (America's Most Important Conceptual Band)
  13. Contemporary Scores Performed by
    by Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble
  14. CfOC: oRSo v DL
    by oRSo vs DL
  15. L'albero Delle Meduse
    by SPP
  16. Industrial Gestation For Distributed Womb
    by Moirai Threnody
  17. Flute Quintet No. 1: Agitations Particulaires
    by The Sentimental Flute And Tape !N!semble
  18. Dream With Us In Experimentation, Night 1
    by SleepWalks: Andrea Williams & Lee Pembleton
  19. CfOC: Remnant
    by unknown artist
  20. The Bizarro Sounds of MegaCorp Music One (File Under Jazz)
    by Dnab Zzaj