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  1. Crystayler - Vision of Death
    by Crystayler
  2. The End Is Near
    by Nothing Is Real
  4. A Wall: Vector
    by Speed Ritual Records
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. The Wretched Sermon (Grindcore/Death Metal)
  6. Day of the Final Injection
    by Obsessed by Seth
  7. Ungodly Rages
    by Morior
  8. Dragne - Stay Focused EP
    by Inunct Music
  9. A Life Elder
    by Ungraved
    Autumn Autumn
    One of the most notable Novosibirsk Metal records with a lot of memorable melodies. Pure nostalgic listen.
  10. Neanderthal (Death Metal/Grindcore)
    Time, Forward Time, Forward
    I always looking forward Dmitry's new music since I bought "Siberian Death Metal" comp CD in 2007. Everytime it gets better and more spectacular. Like this EP, especially the cover of Georgiy Sviridov theme.
  11. How To Deal With Life And Fail (Grindcore)
    by ERNIA
    Q Q
    That's solid progressive fast rock album. I don't know why there's a turtle pictured on the artwork, because music's much faster then any turtle. One of the best albums out this summer.
  12. Somnolences - Memories
    by Somnolences
    Abyss Abyss
    Cursed old house. The song "Abyss" sounds like you are trying to gnaw through this neglected old house, and a draught blows through these holes you made.
  13. Rotting Empire - Sui Generis RTM022
    by Rotting Empire
    Nailed to the Cross Nailed to the Cross
    This is fine!
  14. Hiss Spun
    16 Psyche 16 Psyche
    This album is like a doormat cloth made from old pantyhose whispering in the night.
  15. Internal Fusion - Om Vajra Sadva Hum
    by Internal Fusion
    Dharmata Dharmata
    This old electronic music from 9tees is stunning!
    by Marble Carrion
    Zero Patient Zero Patient
    The greatest hope of native metal scene. These guys are doing a great job, so I spread them some rays of love and support!
  17. Prodigy - Smack my B*** up (Noisia Remix) // Cancel Edit
    by Cancel
    What a banger! This one easily kicks out the original remix. Pure fire!
  18. Firestarter (Andy C Remix)
    by The Prodigy & Andy C
    So twisted, oh mah gah
  19. Ghost Train
    by Malign
    This one goes to my "Train trip" playlist collection. Perfect with tunes like Proket's "Locomotive", etc
  20. Storms of Agony
    by Airengrav
    Anchor for My Burning Soul Anchor for My Burning Soul
    There's some cool rock music. It's melodic with a bit of rawness.