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  1. Alex Barbier Chante
    by Alex Barbier & Pascal Comelade
  2. Lightning Fixtures
    by Andrew Younker
  3. Split
    by Foliage // Andrew Younker
  4. Brainchild
    by Andrew Younker
  5. Well Wishes
    by Andrew Younker
  6. Dogfight Hypnosis
    by Andrew Younker
  7. Pink Slip
    by Andrew Younker
  8. Microchasm
    by Andrew Younker
  9. Mike Cooper - Island Songs
    by mike cooper
  10. Benefits (EP)
    by Twist
  11. World on Sticks
    by Sam Phillips
  12. Delmano
    by MUNYA
  13. Verdancy
    by David Garland
  14. Tank Town
    by Many Voices Speak
  15. Sugar & Spice
    by Hatchie
  16. Tracyanne & Danny
    by Tracyanne & Danny
  17. The Miracles Of The Seven Dances
    by Hany Mehanna - هاني مهنى
    بدوية - Badaouiah بدوية - Badaouiah
  18. Booga Box
    by Ooga Boogas
  19. Like Author, Like Daughter
    by Midwife
  20. Sister Death
    by Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores
  21. Nixon en la playa
    by Julián Mayorga
  22. Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline
    by Jean-Jacques Perrey
  23. Offering to Magnetic Mountain
    by The Lickets
  24. Talk Tight
    by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  25. The French Press
    by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  26. vvolk
    by BOOK OF AIR
  28. The Lighthouse Keeper / Bad Veronica
    by Cuz
  29. Signals
    by Schlippenbach / Takase / DJ Illvibe / Lovens - LOK 03+1
  30. Continental Drag
    by Klarka Weinwurm
  31. Pink Gum [LP]
    by Magic Potion
  32. Strong & Foolish Heart / Blue Ghost Blues
    by Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille
  33. The City Yelps Half Hour
    by City Yelps
  34. Brave and Olde
    by Odd Hope
  35. Chiltern
    by Hour House
  36. bones you have thrown me and blood i've spilled
    by kathryn joseph
  37. Madeleine Duke
    by Madeleine Duke
  38. Walking the Cat (The Abbey Road EP)
    by The Universal Thump
  39. Strange Flavour
    by Waterfall Person
    by The Universal Thump
  41. Ombrophilia
  42. EX CON 7" (BV007)
    by Ex Con
  43. Playboy's Bend - GAME
    by Chic Tunes
  44. Automechanic
    by Jenny O.
  45. Arena of Shame
    by Carey's Problem