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  1. Mönchengladbach, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. The Night Eternal - The Night Eternal
    by Dying Victims Productions
  2. Vicious Circle
    by Sabateur
  3. Awakening
    by Sacred Reich
  4. Under the Witching Cross
    by Bewitcher
  5. Orphic Gold Leaves / Orphische Goldblättchen
    by Grendel's Sÿster
  6. Tigers Fight At Midnight
    by Tiger Fight
  7. In Another Time
    by Tanith
  8. Hostile Defiance
    by Exumer
  9. Divided By Darkness
    by Spirit Adrift
  10. Black Hooves
    by Savage Master
  11. Modern Kicks for the Solitary Witch
    by Rough Spells
  12. Take The Night
    by Leather Nunn
  13. Mosaic Vision
    by Haunt
  14. Mana
  15. Sword And Scythe
    by RISING
  16. Hell
    by Vuil
  17. The Poisoner
    by Sanhedrin
  18. Poison Whisky
    by Poison Whisky
  19. Square One
    by Purser Deverill
  20. EP
    by Leathurbitch
  21. Dragon Magic
    by Ice Sword
  22. Cruel Magic
    by Satan
  23. The Hellish Fight Goes On (Album)
    by Eternal Thirst
  24. Footprints In The Rock
    by Trespass
  25. Oblivious - När Isarna Sjunger
    by Gaphals
    Hitta hem Hitta hem
    Brilliant Stoner Rock with swedish vocals. Cool stuff.
  26. We Are The Night
    by Minor Planet
    Because it´s the voice from UK´s best metalband of the 80´s. What more to say....
  27. Celestial Cemetery
    by Purple Hill Witch
  28. Creature of the Flames
    by Savage Master
  29. Cherry Napalm
    by Devil's Witches
  30. A Funeral For The World
    by Sanhedrin
  31. Vicious Breed
    by Lady Beast (Official)
  32. Emblem
    by Emblem
  33. Shadow of the Sword
    by STALKER
    The best ever that comes from New Zeeland. Fast & furious....
  34. Witches Steel - Demonrider
    by Witches Steel
  35. Night - Raft of the World
    by Night
  36. Dimensions of Horror
    by Gruesome
  37. Satanic Panic
    by STALKER
  38. Metal Immortal
    by Lady Beast (Official)
  39. Endless Skies
    by Ashbury
  40. Tyrants
    by Lost World Order
  41. Save me
    by Fire
  42. Lizzies - Good Luck
    by Lizzies
    Night in Tokyo Night in Tokyo
    There is no greater thing on earth as girls who play true and earthy metal respectively rock´n´roll
  43. "Come Heresy" Demo
    by Damage Source
  44. Night - Soldiers of time
    by Gaphals
  45. All That Is Left Behind
    by Wiser Fool