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  1. Spiritual Resonance
    by Darkend
  2. Assassine
    by Darkend
  3. Grand Guignol - Book I
    by Darkend
  4. The Canticle Of Shadows
    by Darkend
  5. Батюшка
    by Batyushka
  6. Апостол
    by Batyushka
  7. Hallucinogen
    by Blut Aus Nord
  8. Crossing The Fiery Path
  9. Scarlet Evil Witching Black
  10. Centralia
    by Car Bomb
  11. SAT159: Balance Interruption - Door 218 (2016)
    by Satanath Records
  12. Sacramental Death Qualia
    by Haunter
  13. False Confession
    by Weeping Sores
  14. Pillars of Creation
    by Obsidian Tide
  15. From All Purity
    by Indian
  16. Guiltless
    by Indian
  17. Echoes in the Wind
    by Lamentations
  18. Subconcious Dissolution into the Continuum
    by Esoteric
  19. HORROR GOD / TECHNE split CD
    by Lavadome productions
  20. Dystopia
    by Isole
  21. There Is No Truth But Death
    by Sleeping Ancient
  22. Cairn
    by מזמור
    by Ultar
  24. ORM
    by ORM
  25. Monuments of Tragedy
    by Pandemonium
  26. Migration
    by Pinewalker
  27. A battle in the dark lands of the eye...
    by Keys of Orthanc
  28. Zarathustrian Impressions
    by Polemicist
  29. Requiem For Mankind
    by Memoriam
  30. Sheen and Misery
    by Ezkaton
  31. Beyond the Black Wave
    by Allegiance
  32. Candle Cove
    by Echopraxia
  33. Pumpkin Palace
    by Echopraxia
  34. Tæther
    by The Ritual Aura
  35. In Ancient Contemplation
    by Fields Of Elysium
  36. Liquid Anatomy
    by Alkaloid
  37. The Aura
    by Beyond Creation
  38. Earthborn Evolution
    by Beyond Creation
  39. Algorythm
    by Beyond Creation
  40. Ascension
  41. Molten Giant
    by Exocrine
  42. Futility Report
    by White Ward
  43. I: Voice
    by Warforged
  44. Mors Vincit Omnia
    by Crimson Moon
  45. When We Are Forgotten
    by Imperium Dekadenz