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  1. Abyss Versions
    by Boduf Songs
  2. H.A.Q.Q.
    by Liturgy
  3. A Change In Diet
    by Elliot Moss
  4. DEATH SPELLS (EU & Vinyl)
    by HOLY FAWN
  5. Coffee Chop
    by Schwan
  6. Exhaust
    by Lee Gamble
  7. In A Paraventral Scale
    by Lee Gamble
  8. Problems
    by The Get Up Kids
  9. The Vegan Straight Edge
    by CLEARxCUT
  10. For The Wild At Heart Kept In Cages
    by CLEARxCUT
    by Archivist
  12. A Very Slundy Christmas
    by Slund
  13. Brain Dysfunction
    by Slund
  14. If You're Angry And You Know It, Clap Your Hands
    by Slund
  15. Roads
    by Sangam
  16. Yekum // Kiyum
    by Karkait
  17. What Life
    by Club Night
  18. Der Endless Dream
    by Radare
  19. Lean Mean Slunding Machine
    by Slund
  20. Subhumanizer: Complete Discography
    by Subhumanizer