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  1. Possession
    by Cousin Boneless
  2. What The Fuck Is Going On?
    by My Pizza My World
  3. Split EP
    by Days N' Daze // Rail Yard Ghosts
  4. RAWR
    by Problem Attic
  5. King
    by Katana Cartel
    Katana Cartel breaths new life into old school heavy rock. Solid riffs, deliberate and on point drumming and killer vocals all come together to make for an epic first single. Looking forward to more!
  6. EP/Demo
    Origin of Species Origin of Species
    This is some super solid, energetic post-rock. CME definitely have a sound of their own. While the EP maintains this clean, calculated sort of vibe overall - Origin of Species is ripe with a metal influence and pulls together these wonderful dirtier sounds to create an exceptional track. If you're into math rock you've probably found your next favorite band.
  7. Always Be There
    by Lizzy Small
    Another killer single from Lizzy Small. Her vocal driven pop is ridiculously catchy and completely on point. Subtle synths and a driving beat make this just as upbeat as it is gentle and introspective. Love it.
    by Papillon Regina & The Pap's Meerkats
    Money ER Money ER
    Saying these two tracks are exceptional may just be a huge understatement. This 'Double A' is original, masterfully composed, and most importantly it's done without taking itself too seriously. The vocals are entirely on point using an almost spoken word delivery - and the songs are driven and energetic, without ever overstepping.

    Seriously worth taking a listen!
  9. Gravity
    by Lizzy Small
    Starting as this exquisitely ethereal track, with a clear dream pop influence, Gravity leads into a low bass, high energy pop ballad. A definite standout track from up and comer Lizy Small. Her powerful and enchanting voice is completely addictive.
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  10. Lonesome Dangers
    by Johnny Pants
    Carousel Lights Carousel Lights
    Delicate and deliberate, Lonesome Dangers is somewhat of an anti folk album on steroids. Amazingly constructed ballads are backed with a wonderful use of synths to deliver something incredibly unique and incredibly addictive. This album deserves your ears.
  11. Damaged
    by Seldom
    Plastic Idols Plastic Idols
    Straight up, Seldom is hard rock at it's best. These guys write some extremely melodic and catchy tunes. If you're a fan of alternative rock, hard rock or even alternative metal - these guys are worth a listen for sure!
  12. Wasted Soul
    by ToeJam
    Love the vibe of this - super chill with some serious reggae feels. No one makes music as catchy and unique as this these days. Can't wait to hear more!
    This is such a fun album, from a band that's at the forefront of it's genre. From the title track, to "Greying", this album is masterfully constructed throughout. The energy, the composition and the overall feel are all on point. If you still don't own this album, you really should!
  14. The Misunderstanding of Mr. Matt
    by Sauce is Matisse
    Hit Single Hit Single
    Awesome artist and awesome album! It's fun, incredibly constructed, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Hit Single definitely stands out, and I can't wait to see what he brings us next!
  15. The Beast Within (2016)
    by Our Souls
    Age Of Pestilence Age Of Pestilence
    Heavily influenced by hardcore, The Beast Within is an exceptional and cohesive offering from Our Souls. This band has been around for some time - and it's reflected in their writing and composition - it's so f***ing tight! If you like metal, this album needs to be in your rotation. Period.
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  16. The Bad Thing (EP)
    by Polly Preacher
    Utterly Taxing Utterly Taxing
    Fresh and airy, this is a really fun little EP, and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing where Polly goes from here.

    Utterly Taxing in particular stands out, as an upbeat dreamy folk jam that I've got stuck in my head!
    This is nu gaze at it's best. Somewhere between early Silversun Pickups and My Bloody Valentine, they form a melodic and powerful wall of sound, that doesn't play itself out. Ghost Into The Fog is an amazingly well crafted album from start to finish, and definitely should be a top choice for any shoe gaze fan.
  18. retrailing
    retrailing retrailing
    An incredibly experimental offering from one of my favorite definers of the Nu Gaze genre. There's a lot of flow back and forth from the atmospheric down tempo vibes to the more bit pop influenced sounds on some of the tracks. However, one thing remains pretty constant - and that's the strong energy and heavy electronic progressions throughout. This is a really fun album to listen through again and again - and it's growing on me every day!
  19. The Flood (EP)
    by tiiidal
    Meridian Meridian
    Cool and collected - this is an extremely solid EP from one of my new favorite bands in New York. There's almost an alt-country vibe to this album that I'm really digging. The songs are well crafted and deliberate, without sounding forced. There's an atmospheric and experimental side to this album just lurking under it's cool licks and soothing vocals. Tiiidal brings something new to the Indie Rock sound with this album. Really looking forward to a full length!
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  20. Out On A Sunny Day
    by Walter-1ders
    That's What It's All About That's What It's All About
    Chill and soulful, a really great listen with a focus on production that doesn't overstep it's honest sound.
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  21. Warm Decorated Time
    by kermukine
    Great White Planet Great White Planet
    Delicate, deliberate and flowing - Warm Decorated Time is nothing short of awesome! Very calm energy overall. Definitely a new favorite!
  22. Steampunk Cybercrunk
    by Dataphiles
    Beep Beep Baby Beep Beep Baby
    Genuinely fresh electronic music that draws inspiration from both old and new musical styles to create a killer sound. Looking forward to hearing more from Dataphiles!
  23. People Ruin Everything
    by Banner Year
  24. Lo-Fi Songs for Bad Times
    by It's Chris!
    Al Gore and I are Besties Al Gore and I are Besties
  25. Weakly
    by Car School
  26. Timekeeper Blues
    by Holy Shadow