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  1. Birds of North America
    by Plastiq Musiq
    Nuthatch Nuthatch
  2. Dizzy Seas
    by Chris Bathgate
    Northern Country Trail Northern Country Trail
  3. Here, Asleep
    by Ben Ricketts
    The First Phase The First Phase
  4. "The Carpenter's Son"
    by Once More Around
    Hands of Dust Hands of Dust
  5. Whirr 'Sway'
    by Whirr
    Mumble Mumble
  6. 8-bit Christmas
    by Rush Coil
    Gloria Gloria
  7. Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
    No Tomorrow feat. Pawws No Tomorrow feat. Pawws
  8. Jet Plane and Oxbow
    by Shearwater
    Quiet Americans Quiet Americans
  9. Anxiety
    by NYVES
    Something Divine Something Divine
  10. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Fourth of July Fourth of July
    Amazing record, beautiful and personal. These songs are heartbreaking and will be considered a return-to-form for fans of early Sufjan.
  11. One Of These Days I'll Get It Right
    by Jim Guthrie Solid Mas
    And We Died Younger And We Died Younger
    Jim Guthrie is a gem that has yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. Part of me wants him to blow up and become a huge, recognized musician & songwriter, while my Gollum half wants to keep him for myself. "One Of These Days..." is the fourth album I've purchased by him, and I love his stuff more and more with each new recording I stumble upon. Every album is unique and beautiful. I love you, Jim Guthrie, will you be my BFF?
  12. Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies
    by Jim Guthrie
    Unknowable Geometry Unknowable Geometry
    The Sword & Sworcery LP is beautifully dark and moving. If you loved the music during the game, wait until it becomes the soundtrack for your every day life; every moment you breathe becomes a fairytale.
  13. The Brown Bird Christmas Album
    by Brown Bird
    Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
  14. Fits Of Reason
    by Brown Bird
    Seven Hells Seven Hells
  15. Hard Seas (EP)
    by Ethan Luck
    Set Me Free Set Me Free
    This is a well-crafted album from a talented musician that's been behind so many of the great bands in Christian rock, punk and ska for the past two decades. Great guitar work.
  16. Earthbound Blues
    by John Moreland
    Pacin' (Waitin' on You) Pacin' (Waitin' on You)
    Every album that John puts out is better than the last; on Earthbound Blues, his sound and voice really evolved into something that was a perfect balance of classic soul, blues, folk and country, while still entirely his own. He perfectly captures the steamy Oklahoma evening in his music, and transports me back home to The Sooner State every time I listen.
  17. Years
    by Bartholomäus Traubeck
    Fraxinus (Ash) Fraxinus (Ash)
    It's amazing to me that someone was able to create this project--it is, quite literally, the voice of the trees. Mr. Traubeck is the Lorax of the music world.
    Every track is sparse and haunting, and pairs well with a good scotch. Just sit back, sip and listen.
  18. The Norway Sessions....The Electrics
    by The Electrics
    Rockin' Taggle Gypsy Rockin' Taggle Gypsy
  19. Wounds & Fears (EP)
    by Ethan Luck
    My Only Home My Only Home
    I've been a fan of Ethan's guitar stylings since i first heard him in The Dingees years ago, and later in The Supertones. It seems he's been in the background for years, and it's nice to see him step out on his own.
  20. Red Snap
    by Grabanc
  21. Windshield (Digital Single)
    by Ben Ricketts
    Windshield Windshield
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