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  1. You Can Just Leave It All
    by Prawn
  2. RUIN
    by Cult Of Occult
    This band just keeps getting better and better. Great doom/sludge/drone stuff. Watch out, kiddos.
  3. Cheap Dreams
    by Small Black
  4. Wins and Losses
    by Weekend
    Age Class (Sala Apollo, Barcelona. February 2011) Age Class (Sala Apollo, Barcelona. February 2011)
    Finish the new album already, dudez.
  5. Black Aura My Sun
    by Deserta
    Hide Hide
    Although 'Hide' starts much too similar to a Beach House song, once it gets going it distinguishes itself and is great stuff.
  6. Troy's Bucket
    by Baxter
  7. Lost Voices . . . That I Still Hear
    by Baxter
    Out of Reach Out of Reach
    Best bassline ever
  8. Eastman & Evergreen
    by Baxter
  9. More After We're Gone (10th Anniversary Remaster)
    by Signal Hill
    by Wren
    Murmur Murmur
    Natural sounding modern heavy music along the lines of Light Bearer, Fall of Efrafa, Kowloon Walled City, and even Unwound. Carry the torch, boys. Sounds friggin' awesome.
  11. Inlet
    by Hum
    Folding Folding
    Sometimes dreams really do come true.
  12. Bloodletting
    by Mountaineer
    South to Infinity South to Infinity
    Not overly produced...sounds like what crushing guitars and drums are supposed to sound like. One of the best heavy albums of the year.
  13. Prawn / Joie De Vire - Split
    by Prawn
  14. Short Stay, Long Road
    by Prawn
  15. Prawn - 4 Way Split
    by Prawn
  16. False Institutions
    by Prawn
  17. Sinister Webs (rough mix)
    by Matt Talbott
  18. Way Up Here (demo)
    by Matt Talbott
  19. Falling Leaves
    by Bear Claw
    Played and recorded (by some guy named Steve) flawlessly, this song is a beautiful, unique gem in Bear Claw's already excellent repertoire. Would love to see them put out an album along these lines.
  20. This Could Have Been Avoided
    by Mayor For Life