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  1. DEBT (We Ain't Got No Money)
    by Jessie Brown
    DEBT (We Ain't Got No Money) DEBT (We Ain't Got No Money)
  2. Cut The Rope
    by PUNCHLINE 13
    Into The Dark Into The Dark
  3. Ascension
    by Shades of Sorrow
    Parade of Lunatics Parade of Lunatics
  4. Carnivore's Oath
    by Death Valley Driver
    Coven of Ash Coven of Ash
  5. HOOT
    by The Stogies
    What Have You Done? (For Rock N' Roll Lately) What Have You Done? (For Rock N' Roll Lately)
    Several cool tracks on this album after only one listen I'm drawn to What Have You Done? (For Rock & Roll Lately), Let it Bleed Let it Play, Gifthorse and You Don't Look Too Good as early favorites. If you are familiar with The Stogies there are no real surprises on this album, great production, great performances and balls out rock & roll! Looking forward to spinning this a lot!
  6. The Mirror's Face
    by Hero's Last Rite
    The Mirror's Face The Mirror's Face
    This album just may be the best metal album ever to come out of Canada's East Coast! Those are some big words, but this is a big band! Every song bites, cuts and gnarls it's way through it's metal core! They move up and down a vast spread of dynamics in this self produced masterpiece. With insightful lyrics and believable performances Hero's Last Rite have put themselves on the map with this sophomore release!
  7. Lethal Waters
    by Black Moor
    Hellraiser Hellraiser
  8. Sordid Tales
    by Diablo Strange
    Brown Paper Bag Brown Paper Bag
  9. Scavenger's Daughter
    by The Bombing of Dresden
    Broken Bull Broken Bull
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  10. How To Destroy Something Beautiful
    by We're Doomed
    Lifeless Lifeless
  11. Lead Mule
    by Lead Mule
    Out West Out West
    This album is great. 5 tunes that all have memorable hooks in them and Mat Bridgeo's lyrics provide some insight to what East Coast living is really about... especially a song like "Out West". Grab this, listen to it 5 times and you will be looking for another Lead Mule release!
  12. Trigram EP
    by Jason Szeto
    Bernie's Frets Bernie's Frets
    Jason Szeto is a musician's musician. He's just damn good whether it be as a solo instrumentalist or the bassist in metal act "Last Call Chernobyl" he's an impressive beast!
  13. Creator of Scars
    by Iron Giant
    Creator of Scars Creator of Scars
  14. Young River
    by Young River
    Ultimatum Ultimatum
  15. Graveyard Dead
    by Death Valley Driver
    Bloodfeud Bloodfeud
  16. two sessions
    by jon epworth
    one one
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. ZOMBIES!!!
    by Glory Glory
    Pop Song Automaton Pop Song Automaton
  18. The Odd Bit
    by The Odd Bit
    First Impression First Impression
  19. Let It Snow
    by Sleigher