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  1. I Fall To Pieces
    by Maini Sorri
    Maini follows up the impressive collaboration single 'Second Chance' with a new single of her own. To start with, my first vibe is a little Nightwish style from the opening 30 seconds before the pace eases a little and her voice takes centre stage. I really like that the song structure isn't the same as everything else out there in pop music, you truly don't know what is coming in ten seconds time which ensures you are listening closely. My only fault.. I wish that guitar solo went a bit longer!
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  2. Blue Collar
    by Etop
    The stomping introduction on this one will inspire movement almost instantly. Be it a nod of the head, tap of the foot, or both, don't try and stop it because you'll need it as you bust out the air harmonica at 1:30. Some really cool progressions in this tune that has it all flowing like a dream, and when that guitar solo kicks in you should be well and truly hooked on the beat. This would go down a treat live & I think that kind of energy has been captured in the studio here. Not an easy feat!
  3. King
    by Katana Cartel
    Sweet old school groove heavy metal sounds, there's not enough of this getting around these days, a welcome change from the constant screaming and sounds that can't always be played live going around the heavy scene lately. Loud, raw and packing a punch both musically and vocally. Just right for letting off a bit of steam to. Get up to Sydney soon! Good luck in the comp to play Legion, would suit it well, got my vote.
  4. Black Mirror
    by Seldom
    Black Mirror Black Mirror
    Hey from Australia! Great release, saw you had supported Nothing More so checked you out, very impressed. Groove heavy and super melodic, vocals a on point! Will definitely keep an eye out for more in the future.
  5. Shadow Boxing
    by Scotti Bishop
    VICES (feat. Phaze) (Prod. IGNORVNCE) VICES (feat. Phaze) (Prod. IGNORVNCE)
    Props for a killer album man, VICES is hot, stuck in my head right away, CLD WRLD another banger. Words are on point and the sounds are fresh. Love that there is no filler & can enjoy it right through.
  6. Maini & Magneto Dayo - Second Chance
    by Maini Sorri
    Second Chance Second Chance
    Two very compelling voices make for a fresh blast of dance floor moving sounds. Fun, catchy and unique. Most pop these days is too predictable and safe, the hair is let down (and flung around) on this one. Great listen!
  7. Out of Fuel, Out of State
    by Homeless Romantics
    Out of Fuel, Out of State Out of Fuel, Out of State
    Musically upbeat and delivered in the punk spirit of bands like Defiance Ohio and Ramshackle Glory, these songs will have you tapping along right away. While it is the vocals and lyrics that steal your attention immediately, repeat listens will uncover much more, The banjo works particularly well and is a highlight for mine offering that slight difference from many others doing this genre at present. Super catchy and a real fun listen from start to finish.
  8. And So It begins
    by Perception The Author
    Kill 'em With Kindness feat Abstract Rude Kill 'em With Kindness feat Abstract Rude
    Solid flowing beats, and lyrics spat with venom. This collection of tracks will draw you in and maintain your attention. Listen close and you'll pick up the meaning of each track. Not just a selection of catchy songs, there is solid depth to what is offered on this album. The collaborations all work a treat and the diverse nature of the songs keep you interested from start to finish which is what you want from an album like this. Hard to pick just one highlight,
  9. The Beast Within (2016)
    by Our Souls
    The Beast Within The Beast Within
    Love the variety on offer from this album. It's all heavy, uncompromising and in your face from start to finish, but no two songs are the same along the way. Thrashy with a dose of punk rock, hardcore with a fistful of metal and plenty of groove. Enough to satisfy the tastes of all heavy music fans. The solid production drives home the sounds that are delivered with enough energy to liven up any mosh pit. Crank it up to get the most out of it, forget the neighbours, they'll come to love it too.
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    Guitar is boss on this one. It sets the tone, the pace and is always up front and centre regardless of the song. It roars in the punk moments, it dominates the heavier draining moments and glides along the slower parts intricately where it shines most. As with most shoegaze music, you need to be in the mood, this won't pump you up for a big night out, but it will take you on quite a ride if you have the time to give it. Best listened to with no distractions and a good dose of volume.
  11. Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision
    by The Unravelling
    Master Drone Master Drone
    A powerful album that'll punch and kick at you until you give in and admit you are hooked. On the surface the sound is prog with a hint of industrial, but not really able to be placed in just one box. Delve into the lyrics and the songs are quite deep and full of purpose. They are the point where those punches and kicks connect. I love that it's hard to find bands to compare the sound to, they've come up with somethng truly their own, not an easy feat these days. No filler on this one.
  12. Ocean Maniacs EP
    by Wondercat
    Herpes Monster Herpes Monster
    Not for the easily offended, these songs are certainly filed under unique. A low-fi, raw as fuck production style works well for the direct style. You feel like you are there in the room with them. It may not be polished and all pretty but there are hooks to be had, not sure if my partner appreciated me singing 'Herpes Monster' in the supermarket, but the damn thing got stuck in my head right away. 'Werewolf Ambulance' is another that sticks instantly.
  13. Timeshift
    by The Light Dreams
    Parallax Parallax
    A great thing about instrumental music is that it leaves the door open for everyone to create their own imagery. I started with this playing in the background while doing a few tasks, but by track 3, the tasks were shelved. My attention was stolen and before too long i was on the couch listening through headphones enjoying the ride. The music is beautifully crafted and no doubt long agonised over too. The production is also stellar, good headphones or loud speakers really bring each element out.
  14. Shake That Globe
    by Also, Dragons
    The Glory of Man The Glory of Man
    Quirky, off-kilter sounds that you'd expect to bump into late at night in a tiny alley bar, something Melbourne is just right for. Expect the unexpected with this one. 'The Glory Of Man' inspires rapid movement, while 'Snowglobe' is more groove generating. The closer, 'Bought & Sold' takes me back to TISM days, not in sound, but the mix of music and poetry, something not done enough these days! Stick around for the not-so-secret track at the end (hasn't digital killed the fun of a secret track)
  15. Kicks
    by The Vinylheads
    A bright and warm / inviting production is one of the first things you notice on this album, secondly the refreshing accent which gives the sound real character. Too often this sound has an overly American vocal delivery which can be great, but we've heard it all before. Whilst there is no shortage of potential 'singles' on offer, this is an album worth listening to in full. Very quick to grow on you too. Feet will be tapping.
  16. Debut EP
    by Parker's Music
  17. retrailing
    retrailing retrailing
    The beauty of electronic music is that there are no boundaries. Each person will take something different out of it. Listening through this one there is a basic flow between the tracks, but for the most part it feels very 'off the cuff', which if is the case, makes it even better. The variety of sounds that are on offer manage to hold your attention as you wonder what is coming next. Listen a second time and the ride you take might be completely different. A real unique release worth having.
  18. When the Lights Go Out
    by Those Shadow People
    Give It Up Give It Up
    A mixing pot of sounds blend together nicely for these three tasty tracks (and a cool little remix). You'll be hard pressed to pigeonhole the sound, which is always good. The genre hopping keeps you interested throughout. Even a few listens in, I'm still finding new things. The production is great, various instruments all sitting just right in the mix. Give it some volume to really hear the effort put in recording these tracks. The hook in 'Give It Up' got me right away, a definite highlight.
  19. "I'll Try 'Till I Die"
    by Phillip Foxley
    All Or Nothing! (Instrumental) All Or Nothing! (Instrumental)
    Get your blues on. This is a fun and varied collection of tracks where no two are the same ensuring your attention is held throughout wondering what's coming next.
    Love the frenetic pace of the instrumental 'All Or Nothing' while the more stripped back tracks work well too. The occasional female vocal chiming in works great, as do the range of instruments used (The sax is on point!) The lyrics are honest and direct giving a real genuine vibe overall which is needed for this intimate sound.
  20. Off the Grid
    by LSD
    Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker) Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker)
    Aus Hip-Hop is probably one of the hardest genres to nail. There's a real charm about it when done right, & this album is on point. Production is precise, lyrics demand your attention, make a statement & stick. Most importantly they are delivered strongly when they need to be, but also work pulled back a bit. Musically the hooks jump out, love the male / female interaction throughout. Variety is a key element, no two songs are the same on here. Up on the top shelf with the big names this one.