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  1. It's Not Weird
    by nightshades
  2. Blood Moon
    by Jeff Andrew
  3. The Last Wild Werewolf
    by Jeff Andrew
  4. Hobo Postcards
    by Jeff Andrew
  5. We Need Light
    by The Gateless Gate
  6. Scenes from the Life of the Hermit of the North
    by Khan Tengri
  7. A Proper Latte
    by Raincity
  8. In The Rubble
    by Ghostly Hounds
  9. Relentless
    by Empyre
  10. Beyond Tomorrow
    by Ruby Dawn
    by Quasicosm
  12. Letchology (2019)
    by Dirty Shirt
  13. As Seen Through Windows
    by Bell Orchestre
  14. Dear Illusion
    by Steve Hill
  15. Premonition
    by Empress
  16. Final Dissent (Into Madness?)
    by Falling Edge
  17. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!
    by Arch Echo
  18. Waves Of Loss And Power
    by Ice Age
  19. Dancing in the Face Of Danger
    by Exploring Birdsong
  20. Hologram (2023)
    by Amplifier