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  1. Y
    by End Of Perception
  2. Utility
    by Barker
  3. Alpha 03
    by Ness - Liquid Drop Groove
    Never Allow Anybody to Rule Your Life Never Allow Anybody to Rule Your Life
  4. Somatic Dreams
    by Artefakt
  5. Return To Reason
    by Artefakt
  6. Artefakt - Ritualist
    by Konstrukt
  7. Jauke
    by Vanoni
  8. I found the love
    by Aquiver
  9. Fog Machine EP (Remixes)
    by Unjin, Dorian Gray, Ness, Miller & Keane
  10. Interference (Ness Remix)
    by hidden traffic
  11. Invocation
    by Feral
  12. Razor Sharp
    by Ryogo Yamamori
  13. Spirit Of The Earth
    by Petit Astronaute
  14. Mari Mattham - Foggy Destiny (Ness Vision)
    by Mari Mattham, Ness, Samuli Kemppi, Cliche Morph
  15. De Tomaso Pantera
    by Kangding Ray
  16. 22 Halo
    by Kangding Ray
  17. Columns
    by Rrose
  18. Mind
    by Unclear
  19. Heuristic EP
    by Eric Cloutier
  20. Laser's Worldwar
    by ORBE
  21. Prism EP
    by Exercise One
  22. Apeirophobia EP
    by Eric Cloutier
  23. Palinoia LTD 001
    by Donato Dozzy & Eric Cloutier
  24. I Can't Stop EP
    by Gabriella Vergilov
  25. Heavy Glow EP
    by Andu Simion
  26. Polaris (Ephere 'Arctic' Remix)
    by Giuseppe Falivene
  27. Desertar
    by Rexilient
  29. Structure Of Things (Evigt Mörker Remix)
    by Unknown Thoughts
  30. Intuición. SEMANTICA 110
    by Merino
  31. A Thriving Planet
    by Ntogn
  32. Utopia
    by Ntogn
  33. Time & Space
    by Vinicius Honorio
  34. JC Laurent - Paradigm Over (Irshad Hussein, SKóll & Viels Remixes)
    by JC Laurent
  35. Dancing Plague
    by Alchemy Circle
  36. Sorrows
    by Lapse Of Reason
  37. Dark Passenger
    by Dart Danger
    Dark Passenger Dark Passenger
  38. Close To Midnight
    by Noizz Factor
    Journey Journey
  39. Counting Stars (12'' Mix)
    by Noizz Factor
  40. Late Summer Nightmare
    by Dart Danger
    Killer On The Road Killer On The Road
  41. Venice Beach (12'' Mix)
    by Tom Crux
  42. Umamami
    by Jonquera
  43. Conceptual EP
    by OPL
  44. Make Me Feel
    by AK
  45. Holding On
    by AK