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  1. Love in the Void
    by Hammock
  2. Echos O' Faith + Played Naked
    by 77s
  3. Cornerstone Forever (EP)
    by 77s
  4. Cornerstone Is Dead...Long Live Cornerstone
    by 77s
  5. Spökraketer
    by UFO Ōver Lappland
  6. UFO Över Lappland : s/t
    by UFO Över Lappland
  7. Singles Vol. 1
    by Slow Meadow
  8. These Beautiful Demos
    by Terry Scott Taylor
  9. Live Simple
    by Kerosene Halo
  10. White Lighter
    by White Lighter
  11. No Substitute
    by Altar Boys
  12. The Kingdoms Of The Dead
    by Sentinels of Leda
  13. The Grape Prophet (Deluxe Edition)
    by L.S. Underground
  14. Longest Year (2020)
    by Hammock
  15. Meerland
    by Himmelsrandt
  16. Hush Sorrow
    by Derri Daugherty
  17. Everything and Nothing
    by Hammock
  18. Stranded Under Endless Sky
    by Hammock
  19. SP3
    by Cush
  20. Oblivion Hymns
    by Hammock