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  1. Keep Driving
    by Gibarian
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Wake Me When It's Over
    by Let's Talk
  3. W I L D F I R E
    by neon shudder
  4. Dried
    by Efilheim
  5. Night City
    by Hunter Complex
  6. Kisses and hide
    by Kotovsky86
  7. PCH 9.84
    by Wyndsrfr
  8. Lost Beach
    by Starunner
  9. Kiss me
    by Le Teckel
  10. The Ocean Beneath
    by The Ocean Beneath
  11. Cherry Crush
    by L'Avenue
    Business Talk Business Talk
    As others have said, *this* right here is hands down some of the best production we have seen in recent synthwave; the care over the craft is painstaking and the dripping 80s aesthetic is lovingly (not ironically) recreated and bottled here. Had the pleasure of welcoming Jesse onto the show and not only is he an exceptional producer but a thoroughly likeable fella. Some guys have it all. This. Is. Synthwave.
  12. First Date at Starcourt Mall
    by Dark Smoke Signal
    A tasty piece of achingly nostalgic synthwave, with sparing samples to thematically weave in Stranger Things without being super obvious. Not only does DSS have an ear for melody and hooks, he plays a killer axe too. This is the perfect non-official tie-in for sure, but also an ace stand-alone tune that you will have on repeat whilst bombing down the hill with your stabilizers off. A no-brainer buy.
  13. The Sun Also Sets
    by Vampire Step-Dad
  14. FutureSounds Volume 1 [REDUX]
    by TimeSlaves
    by LɅNights
  16. Take My Advice EP
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  17. Tension
    by Occams Laser
    Bounce Bounce
  18. RetroReverbRhythms Vol 1(TAPE)
    by 24 of the Synthwave scene best artists including : Timecop1983, NINA and Sunglasses Kid
    SIDE B TRACK 8 - Datascapes SIDE B TRACK 8 - Datascapes
  19. We Don't Belong Here
    by Ferus Melek
  20. Strangers Of The Night
    by Roxi Drive
  21. The Real OSC - Volume II
    by OSC
    The Day Was Saved The Day Was Saved
  22. The Real OSC - Volume I
    by OSC
  23. E L E C T R O J E S U S Deluxe Edition
  24. Lithobreakin'
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Anchorage Anchorage
  25. The Fright Night Saga
    by Tom Selica
  26. I Wish My Car Was A Transformer (2018 Remastered Edition)
    by OSC
    ディスコテック (2018 Remastered Edition) ディスコテック (2018 Remastered Edition)
    by The Goondock Saint
    The Equalizer The Equalizer
  28. Expo 2
    by Full Eclipse
  29. Race Day: Breakfast in Daytona
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  30. Kessel Run
    by Millennium Falck
  31. Buena Vista
    by Miles Matrix
    Adventure Club Adventure Club
    Nice debut & a pleasure to have Miles join us on Ever Synth the 80s on Riverside Radio & Artefaktor Radio.

    My standout tracks are: Adventure Club - dramatic and score-y, definitely the end of the movie as the credits roll and all of the ancient evil have been slain...or have they?

    Star Pilot, the main melody with the appeggio reminds me of completing Ghouls and Ghosts on my Spectrum ZX as a kid..
    There is definitely a lot of video game influence in the whole album. Perhaps the drums could gone even harder to really give weight but that might have tipped the track into more gothcore and could have sounded overly dramatic.

    The opener Night Striker is a Euro-inflected (can hear early Jean Michel Jarre in the main melody) piece of synthwave with a repeating motif that sounds pretty timeless. Right track to kick the album off with for sure.

    All in all a competent debut with standout moments, and I look forward to hearing how Miles pushes his style ever more forward.
  32. Malediction Boulevard EP
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  33. Race Day: Cerberus 3000 (Killing Time)
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  34. Shadow Clone
    by FacexHugger
  35. Kallio Mixtapes 2080, Vol. 1
    by Millennium Falck
  36. End Game
    by Knight Sabers
  37. Mega Tokyo
    by Knight Sabers
  38. End Game
    by Knight Sabers
  39. Thunder Road
    by Dark Smoke Signal
  40. Boys On Boards
    by OSC
  41. Bend & Break
    by FM-84
    by LɅNights
  43. Cycles
    by Duett
  44. The 2nd EP
    by FacexHugger
  45. Dusted Sounds Volume 1
    by LongDistanceDan