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  1. Drinks
    by Paul Moody
  2. Blue Blood
    by The Limes
  3. Endgame
    by Don Howland
    by TRAPS PS
  5. Bathing Peach
    by V.V. Lightbody
  6. Joanna Brouk: Hearing Music
    by Joanna Brouk
  7. Jacaranda Blue
    by Mr. Airplane Man
  8. Inverted Jenny
    by Ross Goldstein
  9. Non-fiction Writer
    by Lewsberg
  10. Bits & Pieces Tape
    by Mr. Airplane Man
  11. What Is and Was
    by Paula Frazer and Tarnation
  12. Before I Went to Harvard
    by Bill Fox
  13. Devotion
    by Distractor
  14. Flashbacks And Dream Sequences: The Story Of The Moles
    by The Moles
  15. Do You Really Love Me?
    by The Submissives
  16. Teen Hustle, Teen Muscle
    by The Rock*A*Teens
    by Roy Montgomery
  18. Strong Feelings
    by Doug Paisley
  19. Frustrations - Transmission From the Ether - X!023
    by Frustrations
  20. Estrogen Highs / Frustrations
    by Estrogen Highs, Frustrations
  21. Black Moon Days
    by Joanne Robertson
  22. 7" EP
    by Destiny 3000
  23. White Magic - I'm Hiding My Nightingale
    by White Magic
  24. Life Is a Nightmare
    by Don Howland
  25. May Rock'n Roller Be in The World
    by Sadahiro Yamada
  26. The Lost Tapes
    by Mr. Airplane Man
  27. not titled LP
    by the needy visions
  28. Ήταν Είναι Και Θα Είναι-Μ'Όλα Τα Χρώματα Στην Τσέπη
    by Ήταν Είναι Και Θα Είναι
  29. Lost Shock Vol 2
    by Monoshock
  30. Lost Shock Vol 1
    by Monoshock
  31. 2012
    by Pustostany
  32. Maiden Radio
    by Joan Shelley, Cheyenne Marie Mize, & Julia Purcell
  33. Lullabies
    by Maiden Radio
  34. Before There Were Pictures
    by Pale Lights
  35. unread #161
    by swampwalk
  36. Volume 2
    by PURPLE 7
  37. Sloppy B-sides, first of the worst!
    by Apeshit Simians
    appears in 1 other collection
  38. Evening Molasses
    by energygown
  39. Copy Me: RSM Tribute 2
  40. 'A Country Life'
    by Ginnels
  41. Teenage Sex Therapist
    by Owen Maercks
  42. Necropolis
    by Bob Bell
  43. Learn To Hate In The 80's
    by Bobby Soxx
  44. Contact High Wit Da Demons
    by You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons
  45. Tanztee von unten