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  1. Соёл Эрдэнэ (Soyol Erdene) ‎- Соёл Эрдэнэ (Soyol Erdene)
    by EBALUNGA!!!
  2. The "Bayan Mongol" Variety Group
    by EBALUNGA!!!
  3. Dos-Mukasan LP
    by Dos-Mukasan
  4. SFTOC
    by Otherchannels
  5. Schwebungssummer
    by Hainbach
  6. Hiddensee
    by CEEYS_Brueder Selke
  7. Boomerang LP
    by Boomerang Ensemble
  8. 1917
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Легкое Дело Холод
    by Стук Бамбука в 11 часов
  10. Master of Bamboo Mouth Organ: Sombat Simla [Isan, Thailand]
    by the-concrete
  11. Master of Chapei Dong Veng: Kong Nay [Phnom Penh, Cambodia]
    by the-concrete
  12. Ashough Khidir - Selminaz: Tabasaranian Folk and Pop
    by Ored Recordings
  13. SƏS: Azeri Music for Krot Zine
    by Ored Recordings
  14. RédèR Nouhaj - Cocaz Malax
    by Ored Recordings
  15. Armenian and Azeri Music in Derbent
    by Ored Recordings
  16. S'adouno - De Rouen à Naltchik
    by Ored Recordings
  17. Iynar - Balkarian Legacy of Omar Otarov
    by Ored Recordings
  18. Chechen Popular Soviet Folk: Haron
    by Ored Recordings
  19. Chechen Popular Soviet Folk: Movladi
    by Ored Recordings
  20. Kazachka Ensemble - Terek Cossacks Songs
    by Ored Recordings