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  1. Bremen, Germany
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. All The People LP
    by ATP Crew
  2. Oxymoron
    by Kollision
    Evolution Evolution
  3. Crime and Punishment
    by Afterimages
  4. heideck&kopfschuss-fuck the jiggy shit
  5. Keep it Simple
    by VersOne
  6. L One & Dens - At The Parkbench
    by ATP Crew
  7. ED1TS
    by Grasime
  8. Die strengsten Eltern der Welt
    by bgs
  9. Am Corner
    by Zwang
  10. Poet Laureate
    by Actor Skilla
    Band of Brothers (prod. Orange Field) cuts by Mighty Maigl Band of Brothers (prod. Orange Field) cuts by Mighty Maigl
    Hammer die hook :)
  11. R​.​Mano x Essow Es x L One – Bis Balde
    by ATP Crew
    by RABAUKS
  13. Ananas Exzess
    by Hypnotize
    Drehen, Fliegen prod. SkunkJunk Drehen, Fliegen prod. SkunkJunk
    krankes Ding :o
  14. Doobiebrudies
    by Ali Whales & Dekosh 21
  15. Erker
    by versone prod. yano2d
  16. R.Mano x Essow Es x L One - Bis Balde
    by ATP Crew
  17. Kapitel I - Momo
    by Beppo S.
  18. MR. CHRIZZE - "Spät.Nacht.Ecke"
    by MR. CHRIZZE
  19. EXPEDITion Vol. 11: Brother Brother
    by Django
  20. leftovers
    by Beppo S. & Peter B.
  21. MMGAB
    by Goofys n Regulars
    Ziel auf Play Ziel auf Play
  22. Folie à deux (Twit one & Eloquent)
    by Folie à deux
  23. Schlicht & Ergreifend
    by AzudemSK
  24. Timing & Effekte
    by 4Trackboy & Echomann
  25. BRACH
    by Lord Folter
  26. Taugenichts EP
    by Kauz
  27. Skunk auf Eis
    by Hypnotize
  28. Halb8 feat. dude26 & Tsnd Mrk
    by AzudemSK
    appears in 1 other collection
  29. C'est la vie oder was?
    by ATP Crew
    by AKAI47 records
  31. Keno - Stadt, Land, Fluss
    by Dramadigs
    by SLOWY
  33. High Risk Area - HRA LP
    by High Risk Area