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  1. Slip (30th Anniversary)
    by Quicksand
    Classic. This re-press sounds REALLY good
  2. Terrasite
    by Cattle Decapitation
  3. False Confession
    by Weeping Sores
  4. II
    by Snowchild
  5. Born
    by Birth
  6. Heavier Than Thou
    by Riff Merchant Records
    I have a confession. While I appreciate and respect what Thou does, I’ve never really enjoyed listening to them. So I was shocked when I liked this so much. Amazing covers! Truly some of the heaviest songs I’ve ever heard.
  7. Spewing Mephitic Putridity
    by Cryptworm
  8. ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye
    by Chapel Of Disease
  9. Grim Wisdom
    by Age of Apocalypse
    One of my favorite recent discoveries. Riff-tastic metallic HC with AMAZING clean vocals. The first album/EP is really good also.
  10. Shock Withdrawal
    by Shock Withdrawal
    It gives me a special feeling. Like the first time I heard Brutal Truth. A very convincing 1:35 of grind.
  11. Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress
    by Gulch
  12. Arrows
    by Red Fang
    Glad to hear the return to a sound akin to the first couple albums. The last two didn’t do it for me. This is all bangers, no mash.
  13. Agronomicon
  14. Into Decrepitude
    by Dowrr
    Sick death but with clean riffage. That makes it extra special. A full length on vinyl would be even more special (wink, wink)
  15. Concrete Realms of Pain
  16. II
    by Orphans Of Doom
  17. Sour Grapes
    by Goratory
    Interesting fact: The alternate title of this album was “Low Hanging Fruit”. Nah, but this is great DM that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  18. Rancorous
    by Ecryptus
    How could I pass up a 7” that combines two of my favorite things?
  19. Hacked up for Barbecue/Zombie Apocalypse
    by Mortician
    That’s right bitches! I’m still here! Tis’ the season for a little classic DM re-issue.
  20. House by the Cemetery/Mortal Massacre
    by Mortician
    Merry deathmas and a gory new year!