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  1. Sex Rhymes
    by Schaffer the Darklord
    Yes Yes
    "Why do you love this album?"

    Ehhhh.., STD just has funny and entertaining music! Just checkout his catalog of music!
  2. A Decent Harvest
    by Chris Harris
    You can feel the Pink Floyd inspiration in this, and that's great!

    Give it a listen!

  3. Lex and the City
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
    Pieces [prod. Zilla Persona] Pieces [prod. Zilla Persona]
  4. Lover's Pain: Instrumentals & B Sides
    by Vadell Gabriel & DJ Chidow
  5. Metropolis Revamped
    by Ryako
    06-Money, Power (Joh’s Theme) (19:08-26:13) 06-Money, Power (Joh’s Theme) (19:08-26:13)
    This score works great! It highlights darker moments, unlike the other scores for the movie.

    I highly recommend playing this score, if you are going to watch Metropolis.
  6. Lover's Pain (EP)
    by Vadell Gabriel
  7. Human Disaster
    by Mikal kHill
    Handouts (feat. cecilnick of Autocorrect) Handouts (feat. cecilnick of Autocorrect)
    This album is amazing and relatable. I can't really describe it.

    I feel like I do this album disservice with this description. Give it a listen!
  8. it's alright to hate your fucking life.
    by Mikal kHill
    It's Alright (To Hate Your Fucking Life) It's Alright (To Hate Your Fucking Life)
    It's wonderful that some people show the hard parts of life. Mikal kHill does this often.

    Those hard parts of life are often beautiful in a way. Be yourself, you are awesome.
  9. Future Imperfect
    by Ryako
    Sanctuary Sanctuary
    I really like the music style which Ryako decided to go with on this album. Great lyrics too.

    The future does not look great, but we are in this together.
  10. Tears For Keanu
    by Ryako
    Future Face Future Face
    Contains many cool references. The vocals on many of the tracks are great in my opinion.

    Ryako has a great voice. It is really nice of her that she made this for a friend too.
  11. I N V A D E R
    by Twill Distilled
    Say WHAT!? Ft. Lady J Say WHAT!? Ft. Lady J
    Not my usual style of music, but being a bit different is cool. Twill handles this style well and the style grew on me.

    This album has some great featuring artists too. Some tracks really have something cool.