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Robert D.P

  1. Columbus, Georgia
  2. Rock
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  1. Motherslug (LP)
    by Motherslug
    Three Kings In Darkness Three Kings In Darkness
  2. Endless Serpents
    by Hellhookah
    No Brakes No Brakes
  3. Wolves of Winter
    by Wolves of Winter
    Manipulation Manipulation
  4. Defenders Of The Riff (LP)
    by Wasted Theory
    Gospel Of Infinity Gospel Of Infinity
  5. Misleading Evil (LP)
    by Hazzerd
    Under The Influence Under The Influence
  6. Demon Face/Stalingrad's Cross (7")
    by Gravehuffer
    Demon Face Demon Face
  7. Back To Earth & On Through Portals (CD)
    by Disenchanter
  8. Supernatural Kvlt Sounds, The Second Rite (CD)
    by Doomstress
  9. Wolf's Breath
    by Sugar Virus
    Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
  10. The Devils Jukebox Vol.1
    by Various Artists
    The Witches' Sabbath The Witches' Sabbath
  11. Saxon Lady
    by Custom Black
  12. Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding
    by Dropkick Murphys
  13. Beaten By Hippies
    by Beaten By Hippies
  14. House Of The Dead
    by Ordos
  15. The End
    by Ordos
  16. Ordos
    by Ordos
  17. Ordos
    by Ordos
    The Witch The Witch
  18. Lost City EP
    by Shadowland
  19. Eyes on the Machine
    by Eyes on the Machine
  20. Beerd
    by Brokeneck