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  1. All Shades of the Sun ep
    by Namvula
  2. I Am A Bird Now
    by Antony and the Johnsons
  3. Open Door Policy
    by The Hold Steady
  4. The Red
    by Dominique Fils-Aimé
  5. Three Little Words
    by Dominique Fils-Aimé
  6. Arthur Moon
    by Arthur Moon
  7. Growing Upward
    by Rupa & The April Fishes
  8. I Love My Mom
    by Indigo De Souza
  9. Indigo De Souza on Audiotree Live
    by Indigo De Souza
  10. Isotope
    by J's Bee
  11. Quiet Revolutions
    by Namvula
  12. OVAL
    by Rupa
  13. Fallen
    by Gert Taberner
  14. Léman
    by Blick Bassy
  15. Shiwezwa
    by Namvula
  16. Lïan
    by Rïcïnn
    by Lina Tullgren
    Older Older
    One track is nice to hear, One track is enough. The other ones are rather repetitive, including how the singer modulates her voice.
  18. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
  19. The Science Of Making Choices
    by Mieka Pauley
  20. Nobody Knows Anything
    by Alex Highton