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  1. Live in his Own Car During a Pandemic
    by David O'Doherty
  2. Let's David O'Doherty
    by David O'Doherty
  3. Echoes Of The Soul
    by Crypta
  4. Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death
    by Oxygen Destroyer
  5. Culto a la Putrefacción
    by Infeccion
    Peste Fetidez Peste Fetidez
    The fine balance between a tidal wave of sound, versus what's actually going on, has been achieved. its a blastaram without the blasts. 🤘
  6. Malevolent Demise Incarnation
    by Rapture
  7. Violence Unimagined
    by Cannibal Corpse
  8. Happy Heroes
    by Trollfest
  9. Kingdoms Disdained (Raw Mastered Version - Mastered by Trey Azagthoth)
    by Morbid Angel
  10. Do They Know It's Christmas?
    by Raised By Owls
  11. We Are Not The Champions
    by David O'Doherty
  12. You Only Live
    by David O'Doherty
  13. Der Jegermeister
    by Trollfest
  14. Zombie Ritual (Remix)
    by Nitelight
    What a treat this is. Keep going boys!
  15. Upon Desolate Sands (The Instrumentals)
    by Hate Eternal
  16. Under Sullen Skies
    by Tombs
  17. Endarkenment
    by Anaal Nathrakh
  18. Beyond Any Human Conception Of Knowledge...
    by Hexecutor
    I came across this record by total chance. or maybe the facebookbots introduced this to me. Clever wee beggars. Anyways, I looked up the live videos on the YouTube and loved the way they tried to bang their heads OFF (literally). the music also had a energy like they were trying to derail the train they're all in. vinyl is en route and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the content. Someone's put serious effort into this and I really appreciate that level dedication to detail.
  19. Nitelight plays: Death's Symbolic
    by Nitelight
    I thought at first this was just a cover of one song, which was pretty cool. but the realised it was the whole flippin Symbolic album, level up or what. it's a joy to hear this and I'm now reimagining which of these songs would be the soundtrack to the classic 80's films. Terminator, Preadator, Goonies and of course a darker A-Team.
  20. Crystal Mountain
    by Nitelight