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Robert E Preston

  1. Northern Ireland, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Devoid of Light
    by UADA
    Black Autumn, White Spring Black Autumn, White Spring
  2. City Girls
    by Maggot Heart
    City Girls City Girls
  3. Superior Massacre
    by Myrkskog
    Intro Intro
  4. Gateways to Annihilation
    by Morbid Angel
    Opening of the Gates Opening of the Gates
    1995 Domination came out & I tried to love it like Covenant. I could not. The sound was muddy & when the lead singer left in '96 i thought this band was over. 2000 Gateways to Annihilation came out and it took 15 years until I considered this one of thee best MA albums (Covenant a close nr 2).
  5. Torment
    by Six Feet Under
    Sacrificial Kill Sacrificial Kill
    Next logical step from their last album, really like the mix of musicians that been writing the music, and it just gives the singer the platform he deserves to show what an amazing band SFU can be. Hate Eternal and Warfather were really interesting last year. Lets see what Suffocation and Morbid Angel can do this year.
  6. Where the Corpses Sink Forever
    by Carach Angren
    An Omnious Recording An Omnious Recording
  7. Cranial Metropolis
    by Sarah Longfield
    I heard this artist on you tube doing two ukulele covers of Cannibal Corpse and Slayer - amazing. Then I listened to the serious music - holy flip there are some talented people about.
  8. Suffocation
    by Suffocation
    Bind Torture Kill Bind Torture Kill
    Can't get enough of this album, it has the best tones of all their albums and has the right balance of speed and crunch. What else can you say about it. Phenomenal.
  9. The Grey Eminence
    by Warfather
    Orders of the Horde Orders of the Horde
  10. Infernus
    by Hate Eternal
    O' Majestic Being, Hear My Call O' Majestic Being, Hear My Call
    Best Death Metal record of the last 5 years, and the best Hate Eternal album yet.