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  1. Burn In Many Mirrors
    by Wode
  2. Solar Paroxysm
    by Mare Cognitum
    Riot Riot
    "There's a Storm Coming."

    For a group that sets out to make film score electronic soundtracks, Dance With The Dead sure knows how to make an entrance with a guitar...
  4. Veil of Imagination
    by Wilderun
    Rarely do albums live up to expectations.

    Rarer still are those that blow those expectations away.
  5. Hour of the Nightingale
    by Trees of Eternity
    I truly understand the sorrow of the Elves heading West.

  6. Automated Refrains
    Grimoire Blanc Grimoire Blanc

    Dan does.

    H A R P S I C H O R D
  7. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    Bite the Wound (Ash Memory Part III) Bite the Wound (Ash Memory Part III)
    Have you complained about Opeth not growling any more? Then shut-up and throw these guys money.
  8. String Theory
    by Obsidian
    The perfect companion to bridge the gap between the Doom game released in 1993 and the one from 2016. Punchy, riff oriented Instrumetal that'll keep fans of Meshuggah, Nevermore, and Metallica happily headbanging.
  9. The Uncanny Valley
    Disco Inferno Disco Inferno
    This is it people... we've peaked as a species.

    An absolute, uncompromising, creative masterpiece.
  10. The Great Filter (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    There are very few riffs that I would be willing to sit on for an entire epic, but this riff is simply glorious.

    This song is perfect.
  11. Sigils
    by Vulta
    Conglomerate Of Madness (ft. Dimi Kaye, Hubrid, Volkor X) Conglomerate Of Madness (ft. Dimi Kaye, Hubrid, Volkor X)
    Sigils sounds like John Williams f*cking a dishwasher with a 606 while Metallica plays in the other room. It's absolutely awesome.
  12. Plagues Upon Arda
    by Khazaddum
    Everyone knew that Dwarves would bring the mosh, and this album sets out to prove it. Ain't no frilly Elven bits anywhere in these caverns.
  13. Finitude
    by Unfathomable Ruination
    Technicality defined, without sacrificing an ounce of brutality. One of the years stand out Death Metal albums.
  14. Sorni Nai
    by KAUAN
    Kauan's most cohesive experience... and not an album one should listen to in the dark on a stormy night!
  15. Non Paradisi
    by Gost
    Forget the cops, prepare to have you neighbors call the Mormons, the Witnesses, and any other friendly neighborhood denominations to pay your a visit.

    And then you can have a nice conversation about John Milton.
  16. Their Worm Never Dies
    by Contrarian
    From stream to purchase in less than three seconds.
  17. B-Sides: Volume 1
    B-Sides? Haha. Get Out.
  18. Guardians
    by Saor
    Autumn Rain Autumn Rain
    Andy doubles down on the Scottish folk and integrates it perfectly with his brand of atmospheric black metal . Rather than compete with the distortion, his choices in instruments compliments and supports some monster riffs.
  19. Aura
    by Saor
  20. Wolf Will Swallow The Sun (RWE009)
    by Endlesshade
    Simply one of the most promising vocalists in Metal and a band I can't wait to hear more from.