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  1. "Exotic Monsters" Album Commentary - Correspondent's Club 004
    by Penfriend
  2. In the Blink of an Eye
    by Good Weather For An Airstrike
  3. Interplanetary/Nightlight [Single]
    by Kieran Bott
  4. To Fall In Love With You
    by Janileigh Cohen
    Milk and Honey Milk and Honey
    This is a wonderful ALBUM (start to finish, in this order). It didn’t leave my CD player for a week, and each listen brought new favourite songs, lines, and moments. Great stuff - can’t wait for the new album.
  5. And Peace
    by She Makes War
  6. Direction Of Travel - Demos & Rarities
    by She Makes War
  7. Lauryn Hill REIMAGINED A Would Be Album
    by The Day Ones
  8. 2020's Over Covers
    by Grandaddy
  9. The On CNN EP
    by Kieran Bott
  10. Let It Snow
    by Obey Robots
  11. Whoosh
    by Liz Lawrence
  12. As a child
    by Janileigh Cohen
  13. Carina Round (Live in Los Angeles)
    by Carina Round
  14. And Peace
    by She Makes War
  15. Direction Of Travel
    by She Makes War
  16. Disarm:15
    by She Makes War
  17. Brace For Impact
    by She Makes War
  18. Bird on a Wire
    by Janileigh Cohen
    Hallelujah Hallelujah
    I've had this on loop long enough to say with certainty that it is a fantastic album with real depth and re-listenability (and it's an album, and not a collection of tracks). It's stripped back, powerful and really brings something I hadn't heard before to these songs (always in a good way). Certainly an album I really appreciate existing. It's hard to pick a favourite, but Bandcamp made me do it.
  19. Embarrassing Early Recordings
    by Crywank
  20. Fist Me 'til Your Hand comes Out My Mouth
    by Crywank