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  2. Metal
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  1. Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull (Dissonant Death/Black Metal)
  2. Degenerations (Dissonant/Technical Death Metal)
    by DISKORD (Norway)
  3. In Extremis (Death Metal)
    by NECROGOD (Sweden)
  4. In Extremis (Death Metal)
    by NECROGOD (Sweden)
  5. Motherslug (LP)
    by Motherslug
  6. Compilation Vol. 3
    by Sick Musik to your Guts
  7. Discography (Remastered)
    by wecamewithbrokenteeth
  8. Her Worst Nightmare 2014 Demo
    by Her Worst Nightmare
  9. Outer Reaches Rebellion
    by Inner Sphere
  10. Chaos and Warfare
    by Inner Sphere
  11. Termination Entity
    by Myrkridia
  12. Death & Dissolution
    by Maha Pralaya
  13. The Age of Darkness
    by Beyond Deth
  14. Vargheist Compilation
    by Vargheist Records
  15. Necrosadistic Butchery Redux
    by Putrefying Cadaverment
  16. Accept Your Fate
    by Beyond Deth
  17. Unscrupulous Misattributions
    by Ange de la Mort
  18. Malleus Philosophorum
    by Deveneror
  19. XII
    by Patient Zero
  20. Nuclear Winter Archives
    by Morgue Walker