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  1. Turn Off This Shit
    by Secret Anal Terrorist
  2. Worm Ritual
    by Nekrofilth
  3. Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic
    by Revenge
  4. Cruel Addiction
    by Nekrofilth
  5. Maniac! on Hooker Avenue
    by Nekrofilth
  6. Split with Butcher ABC
    by Nekrofilth
  7. Altar of the Virgin Whore
  8. The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy
  9. Behold.Total.Rejection
    by Revenge
    Desolation Insignia Desolation Insignia
    Bestial Black Metal at it's chaotic, heavy and brutal best. This is annihilation
  10. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
    by Cerebral Engorgement
    Shitnami Shitstorm Shitnami Shitstorm
    Brutal, punishing, slow chugging tracks mixed with the ferocity of grind, unbelievable... ultra low, guttural sewage vocals.
  11. Split with Gravehill
    by Nekrofilth
    Violent Children (Stains Cover) Violent Children (Stains Cover)
    Nekrofilth are the masters of perverted thrash with a whole lot of death
  12. Acid Brain
    by Nekrofilth
    Beware the Witch of Death Beware the Witch of Death
    STD transmitting thrashy perversion. "Beware the witch of doom, this evil fucking bitch, will take you to your tomb, beware the witch of death".