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  1. Salem, South Carolina
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  1. All Thoughts Fly
    by Anna von Hausswolff
  2. Glass Hour
    by Gregory Harrington, Janacek Philharmonic & Mark Shapiro
  3. Node 2 (DiN44)
    by Node
  4. Vestige House
    by Corey Holms
  5. Drumlin
    by Takla Makan
  6. Rimtöl
    by State Azure
  7. Silver Ladders
    by Mary Lattimore
  8. Noontide
    by Micah Frank
  9. Calypso
    by Gigi Masin
    How to Disappear in a Kiss How to Disappear in a Kiss
  10. A Unicorn Catches A Falling Star In Heaven
    by Mary Lattimore
  11. m3ld
    by Takla Makan
    m3ld: Set One m3ld: Set One
  12. Arcsin
    by Takla Makan
    Merlin Merlin
  13. Arrow
    by Noveller
    Pre-fabled Pre-fabled
  14. Empyrean Castles
    Your Synthetic Soul Your Synthetic Soul
  15. Woodland Structure
    by Isostatic
  16. Farcaster
    by Martin Stürtzer
    Formation Mechanisms Formation Mechanisms
  17. Kubient II
    by Kubusschnitt
  18. Altar of Harmony
    by Luke Schneider
    mundi tuum est mundi tuum est
  19. Possible (live) at King's Place
    by Zoe Keating
  20. Scenes from a Ghost Train
    by Forrest Fang