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  1. Topshelf Records 2021-2022 Sampler
    by Various Artists
  2. Low Functional Use
    by The Old Earthquake
    Worm At The Core Worm At The Core
    Unbelievable crush factor. Pure hollerin'. Also emotionally the thing I've connected to the most this year.
  3. They Knew But Didn't Tell Us And Sold Stock
    by The Old Earthquake
    Rich Men Rich Men
    I wanna be the picture in your living room.
  4. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
    Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse
    One of the all-time great album openers
  5. Last Light EP
    by Division of Laura Lee
    by Burial
  7. More Than Anything
    by Pet Fox
  8. Violence is Timeless
    by Division of Laura Lee
    Violence is Timeless Violence is Timeless
  9. Chemz / Dolphinz
    by Burial
  10. Christmas Songs Vol. 1
    by manchester orchestra
  11. Day of Prole (2004 demo)
    by Des Ark
  12. Live from Wichita
    by St. Paul & The Broken Bones
  13. For James, To Sleep
    by Telefon Tel Aviv
  14. Fuck You- A Song in Solidarity
    by Nick Hook
  15. Apartment
    by Division of Laura Lee
    Dodge Bullets Dodge Bullets
    This absolutely crushes. Coming out of nowhere to keep feeding my obsession that started in middle school
  16. New Hell
    by Greet Death
    You're Gonna Hate What You've Done You're Gonna Hate What You've Done
    I could float into the sky or sink into the ocean to this record. This is my new record to listen to while laying on my floor thinking about my feelings. Cannot recommend it highly enough
  17. Empty Country
    by Empty Country
  18. Dodge Bullets (Single)
    by Division of Laura Lee
  19. Heroics
    by VASA
    Settle Settle
    THIS RULES. Oh my god. I feel terrible, I preordered and I waited like 2 weeks after getting it to listen and oh man. I was missing out. Crush city over here. Scenes
  20. Ultrasound
    by Empty Country