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  1. Flute Quartet
    by Edwin Sheard
  2. Ecstatic Science
    by yMusic
  3. Victor Hugo's blank page
    by Sergey Akhunov
  4. -in your never- three pieces for violin & piano
    by Sergey Akhunov
  5. Influences
    by Empathy Project
    This is a well-crafted album of varied but never raucous jazz. The influences mentioned seem to range from the American Songbook through bossa nova to Italian Renaissance song. The ensemble work is tight, and the vocal duets (mostly in English, thank you) affecting. Nothing could be lovelier, too, than Alexandra Kurkova's singing on "Sì Dolce è’l Tormento". which here provides a wonderfully appropriate jazz setting for a favorite song of Claudio Monteverdi.
  6. Evensong
    by Caleb Burhans
  7. Japan: New Orleans Collection Series Vol. 5
    by Haruka Kikuchi
    Burgundy Street Blues Burgundy Street Blues
    I recommend this album in the highest terms as an antidote to taking yourself too seriously, and to bouts of the blues of whatever cause.

    Haruka Kikuchi is the instigator and heart of a whole series of New Orleans trad jazz albums. This one one features particularly tasty clarinet work by Makiko Tamura.

  8. First
    by yMusic
  9. Day De Senar
    by Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble
    This album will make you want to whirl and dance. Wonderful melodies in deliciously odd-beat time signatures morph into wizardly jazz. There are some stunning solos -- notably on "Ay, Ke Si Te Fueres A Banar Novia", where practically everybody gets in great breaks. Truly tasty woodwind work, lovely piano conceptions by leader Sandomirsky, tabla-master-level percussion from Kirill Parenchuk, and fine singing Alina Rostotskaya and Logofet. The ensemble work is remarkably tight.
  10. Hans Gál and Robert Schumann- First Symphonies
    by Kenneth Woods, Orchestra of the Swan
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  11. Sidewalks
    by Noah Wisch
  12. Kite Fight
    by Awaaz Do
    Kutch Kutch Hota Hai Kutch Kutch Hota Hai
    I really bought this for the first two tracks. The band wants to do punk takes on Bollywood music -- but these tracks have hearty voices 'way too good for punk, doing lovely tunes over propulsive, heavy, tight instrumentation. "From Darkness" is a fine, a metal-heavy hymn. "Kutch Kutch Hota Hai" turns a perfectly soppy movie love song into a powerful, danceable anthem, while "Chole ke Picche" simply reproduces the spirit of the original. Lyrics are mostly in Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit.
  13. Dear Yulman
    by Dewa Budjana feat. Tony Levin, Gary Husband, Jack DeJohnette
  14. Ale!x
    by The Sagtevlei Trio
  15. Rising
    by Derek Gripper & Udai Mazumdar
  16. The Sound of Water
    by Derek Gripper
  17. One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali
    by Derek Gripper
  18. Cassette Locale: After Masanobu Fukuoka
    by Derek Gripper
  19. Blomdoorns
    by Derek Gripper
  20. Kai Kai
    by Derek Gripper
    Frankfurt Frankfurt
    Another unclassifiable work: Is it jazz? Is it improvisational? Is it modern classical? Whose voice sings otherworldly on occasion? Full of likeable themes, but never saccharine: Gripper and accomplices favor tart over sweet. Above all it's interesting, involved, thoughtful music.. There are echoes of Brouwer, but also -- well, perhaps this album also represents, in a way, much better guitarists channeling the spirit of John Fahey.