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  1. Oak & the Ghost
    by Nathan Schram
    subscriber exclusive
  2. a tangle of stars
    by Mary Halvorson & John Dieterich
  3. ASH
    by Ashley Bathgate
    by David T. Little
    subscriber exclusive
  5. Fanm d'Ayiti
    by Nathalie Joachim
  6. Jamais Vu
    by Jacob Taswell
    subscriber exclusive
  7. The Pieces That Fall to Earth
    by Christopher Cerrone
  8. big dog little dog
    by big dog little dog
  9. Surface Tension / Disposable Dissonance
    by Donnacha Dennehy
  10. ...which enables us to fly
    by yMusic
  11. État
    by Daniel Wohl
  12. Spiritual America
    by William Brittelle
  13. Cityscapes
    by ShoutHouse
  14. Islandia
    by Daniel Elms
  15. Into The Trees
    by Zoe Keating
  16. Snowmelt (EP)
    by Zoe Keating
  17. One Cello x 16: Natoma
    by Zoe Keating
  18. One Cello x 16 (EP)
    by Zoe Keating
  19. Work Songs
    by Timo Andres
  20. Orange
    by Caroline Shaw & Attacca Quartet
  21. Alula
    by Caroline Davis
  22. A Page From
    by Caitlin Sullivan
  23. New York
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  24. The Vanity of trees
    by Padma Newsome
  25. Dream Has No Sacrifice
    by William Brittelle, featuring Jenn Wasner
  26. Dissections
    by Invisible Anatomy
  27. Penelope
    by Sarah Kirkland Snider (feat. Shara Worden and Signal), lyrics by Ellen McLaughlin
  28. How A Rose
    by Roomful of Teeth
  29. Blueprinting
    by Aizuri Quartet
  30. Without Chasms
    by William Brittelle
  31. Petits Artéfacts
    by Nick Photinos
  32. Waves & Lines
    by Gemma Peacocke
  33. Seed Triangular
    by Robbie Lee and Mary Halvorson
  34. Cathedral City
    by Victoire
  35. Requiem
    by Gregory Spears
  36. A Great Many
    by Aaron Siegel
  37. Mohair Time Warp
    by William Brittelle
  38. Lean Back and Release single
    by Molly Joyce
    subscriber exclusive
  39. Small Works
    by Brooks Frederickson
  40. Until My Last
    by Jordan Munson
  41. Awake
    by NOW Ensemble
  42. Katrina Ballads
    by Ted Hearne
  43. Negative Space
    by No Lands
  44. The Julius Eastman Memory Depot
    by Jace Clayton
  45. Corps Exquis
    by Daniel Wohl & TRANSIT