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  1. Layla
    by Kooshin
  2. Exemplum Rhythmicus
    by Bi Nostalgia
  3. Omae
    by Ryu Tsuruoka
  4. When You Had The Chance
    by Napoleon Cherry
  5. Speaking in Circles
    by Oval Angle
  6. Chili
    by Rick Shiver
  7. Isan Lam Phloen イサーン・ラム・プルーン
    by Angkhanang Khunchai & the Ubon Phatthana Band アンカナーン・クンチャイ&ウボン・パッタナー・バンド
  8. The Essential Doi Inthanon: Classic Isan Pops from the 70s-80s ドイ・インタノンの仕事:イサーン・ポップス名作選
    by Various Artists
  9. Lam Phloen Phumphuang Duanchan ラム・プルーン プムプワン・ドゥワンチャン
    by Phumphuang Duanchan プムプワン・ドゥワンチャン
  10. Lam Phloen World-class: The Essential Banyen Rakkaen (Compiled by Soi48)
    by バーンイェン・ラーケン Banyen Rakkaen
  11. Ya Doen Show c/w Sakura La Kon (Goodbye, Sakura)
    by Banchop Chaiphra バンチョップ・チャイプラ Samai Onwong サマイ・オーンウォン
  12. Come My Brother, Let's Go to the City! 俺たち兄弟、都会を行く
    by Suthep Daoduangmai Band ステープ・ダーオドゥアンマイ・バンド
  13. Tide Life
    by The Person
  14. Mega Wave Orchestra
    by Mega Wave Orchestra
  15. Saba-Saba Fighting
    by Mushapata
  16. Showcase
    by Out 2
  17. Moving
    by Out 2
  18. Breathing Space
    by Ken Oath Records
  19. Words & Numbers
    by Nexda
  20. Rock Attack
    by King Sporty & The Ex Tras