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  1. Biolume Part 2 - The Golden Orb
  2. Heralds Of Strife
    by Vallendusk
  3. By Fire and Brimstone
    by Solitary Sabred
  4. Telesterion
    by Mechina
  5. Dreaming Spire
    by Runeshard
  6. Letters From The Edge
    by Sear Bliss
  7. Fortress of Primal Grace
    by Vallendusk
  8. Political Rollercoaster
    by Doctor 7
  9. Call Of The North
    by HAVAMAL
  10. Tales From a Cloud-Born Land EP
    by Forefather
  11. Rise From Knees
    by Elzevir
  12. Book III: At The Crossroads
    by Logar's Diary
  13. Curse of the Cwelled
    by Forefather
  14. Follow Your Fate (Album)
    by Hell's Guardian
  15. N7
    by starbreeze
  16. Access Denied
    by Hammerforce
  17. Symphony of Science Collector's Edition
    by melodysheep