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  2. Metal
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  1. Aeons of Oblivion
    by Distant
  2. Dusk of Anguish
    by Distant
    It's just Fucking Brutal! SLAM!!!!! \m/
  3. Red Before Black
    by Cannibal Corpse
  4. Violence Unimagined
    by Cannibal Corpse
  5. Hallucinogen
    by Blut Aus Nord
  6. Forhist
    by FORHIST
  7. The Purging
  8. The Reverses
  9. All That Glue
    by Sleaford Mods
  10. Spare Ribs
    by Sleaford Mods
  11. Hateworlds
    by Colosso
  12. WILD
    by Alex Chichikailo
  13. Malignance
    by Shrine of Malice
  14. Into the Mouth of Hell
    by Sold Soul
  15. For Whom the Banshee Cries (feat. Brittney Slayes)
    by Sold Soul
  16. Into the Mouth of Hell & Damned (Instrumentals)
    by Sold Soul
  17. Damned
    by Sold Soul
  18. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
  19. Self-titled
    by Podrectomy
  20. Old Shade (Split)
    by Avaron