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  1. A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean
    by Shika Shika
  2. Soy Selva
    by Ghetto Kumbe
  3. Deela Remixes - Pt1
    by DEELA
  4. Down In The Basement EP
    by The Mauskovic Dance Band
  5. Doo Wop (That Thing) / Entre Rejas
    by Quantic Y Anita Tijoux
  6. Laroz Camel Rider - Good Man [EP]
    by Lump Records
  7. Radio Mawimbi • Volume 2
    by Various Artists
    Africa Show - Massanga (Yeahman Remix) Africa Show - Massanga (Yeahman Remix)
    this is crazy good. thanks a lot!
  8. Radish Beets - Remix Album
    by Formidable Vegetable
  9. Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix Vol.1
    by Galletas Calientes Records
    Kumina (Solo Moderna Remix) Kumina (Solo Moderna Remix)
    It's hard to say which track i like most, they are all so damn good. really love playing them on partys.
  10. Permaculture: A Rhymer's Manual - Album
    by Formidable Vegetable
    Look Around Look Around
  11. Quien Es El Patron? Remixes
    by Systema Solar
    Quien Es El Patron? (Charles Tox Efectivo rmx) Quien Es El Patron? (Charles Tox Efectivo rmx)
    two fascinating remixes, a must have!
  12. MIAU
    deep beats and lyrics! for me one of the best and most important feminist rappers in the world ;)
  13. Colombian Party
    by Sunka
    Colombian Party (feat Raspapulaman) Colombian Party (feat Raspapulaman)
    this might be just one of the best albums in 2017.
  14. Grow Do It - Album
    by Formidable Vegetable
    backstage exclusive
  15. Permaculture: A Rhymer's Manual - Acoustic Ukulele Version
    by Formidable Vegetable
    No Such Thing As Waste (Acoustic) No Such Thing As Waste (Acoustic)
  16. Wearplay EP#22 - Look Around feat. Newen Afrobeat & Les Freres Smith
    by Kologbo
    i love the groovy african rhythms and the wind section!
  17. Brothers On The Slide (Jimpster Remix)
    by Patchworks Ginger X Press
    smooth beat with just the right amount of funk and groove!
  18. Do That Dance (Feat. Nancy Whang)
    by Shit Robot
    funky groove that makes you wanna dance + i like her voice!
  19. Brothers On The Slide (Brooklyn Mix)
    by Patchworks Ginger X Press
    a slower approach to the song, kind of playful, but not really a party song for me.
  20. This is How We Swing it !!
    by Minimatic
    quite a nice swingin remix of a 90s classic - with a powerfull beat