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  1. A Garden Everywhere You Go
    by Birdspotter
  2. Reveries
    by Grace Vonderkuhn
  3. Maybe I'll Feel Better When I'm Dead
    by The Vernes
  4. Brain Freeze
    by Crazy & The Brains
  5. DEMO
    by G.L.O.S.S.
  6. Peace Off
    by Noisepicker
  7. good enough
    by absinthe father
  8. Joy as an Act of Resistance.
    by IDLES
  9. CVI
    by Royal Thunder
  10. They've Got Secrets
    by Bloody Diamonds
  11. Tough Love EP
    by Bloody Diamonds
  12. Claw Marks
    by Neighborhood Brats
  13. Walking With Asa
    by Lahnah
  14. Fuck World Trade
    by Leftover Crack
  15. Lavender Hex
    by Lavender Hex
  16. Achievement
    by pilotredsun
  17. СКАЗКА
    by IC3PEAK
  18. Body Void - I Live Inside a Burning House
    by Body Void
  19. Aperture
    by Birdspotter
    by WIMP
  21. Destruct/Rebuild [7" EP]
    by Turd Sandwich
  22. Quitter
    by Granddad
  23. Do Not Resuscitate
    by Fat Chance
  24. Panicked and Wild
    by Instant Death
  25. L'Étoile thoracique
    by Klô Pelgag
  26. Upper/Abuse - Are We Even Here?
    by Upper/Downer - Fun Abuse
    by Shitty Life
  28. Walking With Asa
    by Lahnah
    King Threat King Threat
    good shit
    good shit
    good shit
    good shit
    good shit
    good shit

    run me over
  29. MFFFMF
    by Motherfuckin' Motherfuckers
  30. The Breaks
    by The Breaks
  31. The Eradicator
    by The Eradicator
  32. Amusement
    by TV's NORM
  33. Trapdoor
    by Trapdoor
  34. Dollmeat
    by MouthBreather
  35. Pig
    by MouthBreather
  36. No Spiritual Surrender
    by Inside Out
  37. no one gets it right
    by Granddad
  38. EP
    by P.M.S
  39. All The Space I've Taken Up (Deluxe)
    by Just Fern
  40. All Hail Kudzu
    by Lahnah
    All Hail Kudzu All Hail Kudzu
  41. Circle of Death
  42. Post-Trash: Volume Three
    by Post-Trash
  43. divorce lawyers i shaved my head
    by jordaan mason and the horse museum
  44. Dream Castle
    by Tanning Salon
    by V I O L E N T M A E