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  1. 直示 D E I X I S
    by iacon
    ラブ P L A S T I C ラブ P L A S T I C
    by iacon
    寒意 Lounge District 🌃 寒意 Lounge District 🌃
  3. Cliff Racer (feat. Aldos Othran)
    by Sheogorath
  4. Running In Circles
    by Runs-In-Circles
  5. Hades Medley (in the Style of Doom Eternal)
    by geoffplaysguitar
  6. 不協和音 D I S S O N A N C E
    by iacon
  7. 幽霊 G H O S T S
    by iacon
    感情 T O U C H 感情 T O U C H
  8. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
  9. Blank Banshee 1
    by Blank Banshee
  10. Neon Vivec
    by young scrolls
  11. Star
    by Adoring Fan
  12. Dagothwave
    by Dagoth Ur
  13. Zeldawave // 近藤 浩治 // OOT
    by Polygon Dream
  14. Sit Down, Man
    by Das Racist
  15. Shut up, Dude
    by Das Racist
  16. Broken Robots
    by Starship Amazing
  17. Despairing Fates