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  1. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
  2. Music in just intonation Vol. 2
    by Wandering Artist
  3. Poké & Chill
    by Mikel
  4. Celeste: Farewell (Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  5. Constellation
    by Old Amica
  6. High From Las Vegas
    by Bloodhype
  7. Fairytale Delirium
    by Yani Martinelli
  8. Good Good Blood
    by Good Good Blood
  9. Night Life in the Lemon Town of Büshka
    by Sabbatical Wilderness
  10. Strange Family
    by Nice Legs
  11. Living Creatures
  12. Something's There But You're Not Sure What
    by Friends of Fox Food
  13. Motion | Sickness
    by Good Good Blood
  14. Mount Eerie
    by Good Good Blood
  15. D'You | Ideal Hand
    by Fazed On A Pony
  16. Unusual Beach Day / Dark Night Monuments
    by Poodles & Lone Doe
  17. All The Dogs You've Ever Known
    by Home Lives
  19. Everlasting Light
    by Good Good Blood
  20. Hymnal EP
    by Good Good Blood
  21. koalas hug trees to keep cool
    by plant food
  22. I Woke At The Station
  23. Youth Moose
    by Spirit Plate
  24. Goodbye Max
    by Goodbye Max
  25. Get Some
    by Spartan Jet-Plex
  26. Because Mountains Are There To Climb
    by Friends of Fox Food
  27. Sun Of A Gun
    by Good Good Blood
  28. I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon
    by Henry Demos & Lewtrakimou
  29. Through Them Fingers Yours And Mine
    by Fair Mothers
  30. Canada
    by Henoheno
  31. Old Mountain
    by Good Good Blood
  32. Sunlight Farm
    by Nate Terepka
  33. Constellation
    by Old Amica
  34. Saint Charles EP
    by Saint Charles
  35. Trip
    by Fanpage
  36. Hunch
    by Fazed on a Pony
  37. Passing Place
    by Good Good Blood
  38. I Made These Songs Before I Moved
    by Henoheno
  39. customs EP
    by deer scout
  40. Heart Land
    by Good Good Blood
  41. Marion (Best of 2012-2014)
    by Lone Doe
  42. The Fifth
    by Freya
  43. In Bloom Again
    by Captain
  44. Touch Tone
    by Spartan Jet-Plex
  45. Attic Space
    by Fairy Godmother