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  1. The View Beyond 74 min
    by Steve Roach Exclusive
    subscriber exclusive
  2. Timeroom Archives Vol. 1
    by Steve Roach Exclusive
    subscriber exclusive
  3. Too Much Money (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
    by Automatic
    An inspired new twist on an Automatic fan favorite, the Peanut Butter Wolf Remix of "Too Much Money" adds an ice cold metallic sheen, resulting in a slickly pulse driven track that instantly appeals...
  4. A Careful Endlessly
    by Music For Sleep
    subscriber exclusive
  5. Metamorphosis (name-your-price)
    by Polly Fae
    Polly Fae's work has always felt personal and intimate. Speaking to secrets and magic, it's a music that resonates deeply with the listener, in equal parts haunting and beautiful.

    Her latest release, "Metamorphosis", feels particularly personal, with Fae musing on change and growth within an uncertain world, a collection of songs that become a perfect soundtrack for where we find ourselves now.

    Highly recommended...
  6. Celestial Entropy
    by Purl
    Purl excels at creating lush soundscapes, flowing ambience that wraps around the listener and surrounds them in warmth and comfort.

    "Celestial Entropy" is a fine example of Purl at their best, a richly textured soundscape that's equal parts blissful and beautiful.

    Highly recommended...
  7. 2月EP February EP
    by SPC ECO
    Built around dark beats and haunting vocals, SPC ECO's February EP creates a rich wall of sound that's pretty brilliant.

    Impressive, inspiring, and deeply intriguing...
  8. 1月 Wish You Were Near
    by SPC ECO
    Essential deep and trippy Triphop beats for troubled times. Highly relevant and highly recommended...
  9. Past Lives & Inner Worlds
    by Illuvia
    Pulse-driven, percussive, and joyful, "Past Lives & Inner Worlds" finds Illuvia exploring deeply chilled aural spaces, oases of calm amid the hectic and frenetic confusion of modern life.

    Bright, joyful, emotional songs to chase away the darkness.

    Highly recommended.
  10. Fixation / White Walls EP
    by The KVB
    The thing that has always appealed the most to me about The KVB is their creation of space, the way that they fill the senses with their sound, their vibe. There's a lush and rich feel to their music, something very solid and almost tactile in the way that it surrounds you.

    This feeling of presence and solidity abounds on the "Fixation/White Walls EP", a thick sense of space all contained in the listener's head.

    Highly recommended...
  11. Of Desire
    by The KVB
  12. No Rain
    An unexpected choice of cover, but a very successful one in terms of Drab Majesty's sound and vision. In hindsight it seems both a logical and very appropriate selection...
  13. Secondary Eyes
    by Delphine Coma
  14. unearthed
    by Marissa Nadler
    Hauntingly beautiful vocals paired with a minimal musical backdrop makes for a truly inspired selection of emotional and beguiling songs.

    Highly recommended...
  15. Covers 3
    by marissa nadler
    A powerful collection of covers pairing vocals and sparse accompaniment in inspired arrangements. Nadler's honest and emotional delivery captures both her love for these songs, and her tremendous vocal skills, making for a very impressive release from a very impressive talent...
    A raw and intensely powerful release from Lingua Ignota, fully capturing her exceptional talent as a singer, musician, and songwriter, and most importantly as a true artist.
  17. JOLENE
    A stunning interpretation of Dolly Parton's classic, certainly one of the best cover songs I've ever heard...
  18. Glimmers (Reissue)
    by Ilya Glebov & Joe Fujinoki
    Stunningly beautiful ambience, a slowly drifting soundscape that caresses the senses and brings a deep calm to the listener.

    Highly recommended...
  19. Fog Signal
    by Takuya Morita
    An exercise in pulse- and percussion-based bliss. "Fog Signal" moves and slides through a series of intricately detailed aural spaces, leading the listener on an engaging and invigorating dance through new sound worlds.

    Highly recommended.
  20. The Great Derailer
    New music from Attrition is always cause for celebration, and "The Great Derailer" comes at a time when new music and new songs are especially appreciated. An excellent addition to an already exceptional catalog of work...