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  1. Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer
    by Severino Pfifferling
  2. Long Read Memories
    by Whettman Chelmets
  3. Turkish Delight - Howcha Magowcha
    by Turkish Delight
  4. Steps to the Old Courthouse
    by Whettman Chelmets
  5. ghe / jaboomstik
    by creeps
  6. Moonwalking Into the Future
    by Fulton Lights
  7. on the swollen lips of the horizon
    by ØJERUM
  8. A Touch Away From The Landfill
    by Kris and Tavi
  9. 葉薊
    by kinoue64
  10. 蝦夷菊 - Single
    by kinoue64
  11. 擬宝珠
    by kinoue64
  12. 12:18
    by kinoue64
  13. 犬泪夫藍
    by kinoue64
  14. Dream Reactor
    by Archeress
  15. ghosts
    by cruel diagnosis
  16. Unreal
    by Dizzcock
  17. Error Into The Sun
    by Peter Kris
    November Will Not Last November Will Not Last
    When I have the scratch, I'm buying anything with Peter's name attached. Guess I better start a Super PAC for his 2024 Presidential run.
  18. Born to Lose/Born to Leave
    by Sister Grotto & Braeyden Jae
  19. Addicted To
    by Matt Christensen
  20. GO ON OUT
    by Radar Gold
  21. Psychic Cruise
    by Honey Radar
    United Fox United Fox
    Been representing the hard work and dedicated craft of Honey Radar for as long as Mr. Henn has allowed me to bask in the glow of his glorious work. It drove me to my first tattoo (I'll never tell you where it is, I'm coy) but the tattoo artist misheard me and gave me a honey badger.
  22. No Sense
    by Substak
  23. Panacea For Lightweights
    by Leaaves
    Have you looked at the cover? That alone tells you this is great. But guess what? It really is! I judged this digital album by its cover AND it totally was what I thought it would be. Though this logic applies nicely to Bandcamp, don't use it in the real world.
  24. Gasp, Still, Home Again
    by Matt Christensen
    I'm running out of plasma, Mr. Christensen. I have to be a bit picky, because the phlebotomist is becoming a bit pricky. I can only feed so many of these children!
  25. Betelgeuse
    by Hakobune
    If you know who I am (that may be two of you who happen to read this), then you know I love the works of Hakobune. I didn't even need to hear it to know it was great, because Mr.Yorifuji always makes me happy. But I have listened and oh boy, empty your PayPal for this one.
  26. Barque Of Phosphor
    by Josh Mason
    I owe Josh a lot. He played his guitar and it saved me from a devil-like person in Florida. I believe the demon's name was Hanging Chad.
  27. Ozean
    by Ozean
    In case you've been staring a hole deep into your Vans (or Converse or Sketchers or...), you should know that shoegaze is back. I don't think it ever went away, but now it's come back into the collective ether because it's a music that works best against fascists, Tories, and the right-wing. It totally messes with them when you change a "c" into a "z"
  28. Through The Thorns, To The Stars
    by Matt Christensen
    Why do I love this album? I love all of Christensen's albums like they are my children -- but this one is my favorite (for the moment -- a cuter one may come soon enough). Yes, this endorsement is a trend.
  29. Marry (LP3)
    by Archeress
    The Snakes Are Pretty Here The Snakes Are Pretty Here
    Act now before this becomes a 3xLP private press of only 7 copies, where 4 are immediately destroyed and the other 3 end up in a bodega outside a remote Moroccan village
  30. A Secret Spell EP
    by A. Spencer
    Good Night and Good Luck Good Night and Good Luck
    Everything Mr. Goldman does, he does it for you.
  31. Circuit des Yeux - Glacial Fault/Title Unknown (C.D.Y. & Victoria)
    by Even More Important Records
  32. Ben Chasny - Black Sand/Wedding Song
    by Even More Important Records
  33. Hamish Kilgour - Crazy Radiance/Window Washers
    by Even More Important Records
  34. Bruce Russell - Icestorm (Just Another Pleasant Valley Sunday)/Birdling (Waharoa)
    by Even More Important Records
  35. Water People
    by Grouper
  36. Electric Guitar One
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  37. Mauve
    by Ringo Deathstarr
    Burn Burn
    When Ringo first soundtracked Star Wars, I was a fan. When he joined My Bloody Valentine, I became an even bigger fan. When he finally moved to Austin and formed a band with Darth Vader, I proposed marriage.
  38. Lifter + Lighter
    by TALsounds
    Indecision Indecision
    TALsounds? I thought I was buying SMALsounds, for the shorties.
  39. Pour It Over Me
    by Matt Christensen
    Pour Pour
    Picking a favorite Matt album is like picking a favorite child. And if you have more than one, you totally have a favorite child and Pour It Over Me happens to be my (current) fav.
  40. unfurls her pluck
    by southern femisphere
    transgander (when the community went looking for the lost gayzling in the wood) transgander (when the community went looking for the lost gayzling in the wood)
    Hopefully Charleston's Southern Femisphere franchises to the Northern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres soon!
  41. Drawn Against the Sun
    by Various Artists
    I Came Here to Cause Utter Fucking Mayhem I Came Here to Cause Utter Fucking Mayhem
    AKA the album that will get me through a week's worth of the day job.
  42. French II EP
    by French
  43. Vandringer og Intet
    by øjeRum & b.lind
  44. Palustrine Hegemon
    by Blackrune
    When I sacrifice male virgins, my go-to soundtrack is Blackrune
  45. Music from Neptune Flux
    by Chris Zabriskie