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  1. Crush
    by Floating Points
  2. [CRTQ001] YERAZ [Past, Present and Future Armenian Sounds From Los Angeles to Yerevan]
    by Various Artists
  3. New Dawn EP
    by Wata Igarashi
  4. Touch The Earth
    by Placid Angles
  5. Pit of My Dreams
    by April + VISTA
    The Receiver (featuring Zeroh) The Receiver (featuring Zeroh)
    Saw this album featured on the essential releases list and can't say I disagree.
    Cooperators is a strong opener to an excellent psychedelic trip-hop(?) album that really rewards a good sound system.
  6. Antiphon
    by Alfa Mist
  7. Midnight Sun 1
    by Aleksi Perälä
  8. Orange Whip
    by Honeyfeet
  9. Daylight Savings
    by Surprise Chef
  10. Zorya
    by Floex
  11. I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep
    by Ghostpoet
  12. Spectrum 1
    by Aleksi Perälä
  13. Spectrum 0
    by Aleksi Perälä
  14. Le Puy en Velay
    by Mishaped Pearls
  15. Shedding Skin
    by Ghostpoet
  16. Dark Days + Canapés
    by Ghostpoet
  17. Object Permanence
    by Jeremy Blake
    Azurite Azurite
  18. Endless Space 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Arnaud Roy
  19. Endless Legend Soundtrack
    by FlybyNo
    A Kora Tale A Kora Tale
    FlybyNo makes soundtracks that manage to fit perfectly with the intended game while simultaneously working beautifully as a concept album for fantastic worlds. The endless series of games is made great by the collab with FlybyNo and I hope it continues.
  20. Citizen Of Glass
    by Agnes Obel