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  1. Ghostalgia
    by Window Stares Back
  2. Momentum
    by Jar Of Kings
    Monoverse Monoverse
    Dynamic instrumental prog. Architects' strain of downtuned riffage and excellent production make Momentum a great pick for the genre lovers.
  3. Sing
    by I Forget Myself
  4. Ragnarök
    by Gallóglaigh
    An outstanding one-man band, USBM to die for (and go to Ragnarok, obvioulsly).
  5. phantasma
    by Sterile Cuckoo
    Clint Clint
    I prefer the shoegaze part of this release (Clint is top tier) - it is overwhelmingly heavy, a true sonic avalanche, as it is supposed to be.
  6. Divinity
    by Daniel Bohn
    Progressive metal with unexpected integrations of clean vocals, keys, and awesome drum plugins.
  7. Pain No More
    by Lunar Woods
    Dead End Dead End
    This is the closest thing to Torche and Fu Manchu you could find. Fuzzy, trippy, and catchy af.
  8. The Cauldron Born
    by Galladorn
    Vicious riffing (and I mean it), very impressive vocals and songwriting - this is the NWOAHM, not Avenged Sevenfold, kids.
  9. ATHAK IX - Slevin Rhunes ov Kaosz
    by ATHAK
    Europrog is strong in this ione - ATHAK IX produce the classiest blend of newschool prog and psychedelic rock with obvious King Crimson and Magma influences.
  10. Hashishian
    by Hashishian
  11. ATHAK XI - Dihmin Ïszhe
    by Athak
    Dihmin Ïszhe is HUGE. A delicious epic that never ceases to impress throughout 17 minutes, WTF man. Amazing.
  12. Saprophytic Divinations
    Decaying Observer Decaying Observer
    Awesome mid tempo black metal ffo Emperor and Dark Funeral. this thing just rips. and the artwork is dope too.
    painfully intense music. speechless
  14. Sola Fide
    A rare breed of traditional black metal, Morte France revives and worships the truly fierce craft. While remaining unrelenting, the release combines all kinds of unexpected melodic turns and artistic development.
  15. Somatized
    by Alluders
    Lulling Waves Lulling Waves
    at first I was like, ah, sounds like NIN. then mmmm interesting, reminds me of Federal Prisoner and all those experimental tracks of tDEP, then oh shit this kid have some aces up his sleeve and finally I'm just speechless how epic this album is. best thing I've heard for a very long time
  16. Sevaskar Presents: No More Rules Just Bring The Noise
    by Sevaskar
    Casting Swine Before Pearls Casting Swine Before Pearls
    Nice to see Sevaskar progress in his insanity and hone his craft - from disassembled noise to complex hallucinogenic structures.
  17. Jab
    by Kohana
    See the World See the World
    ATTENTION! LISTEN CAREFULLY! after listening to JAB my laptop smells like weed and is full of sand and dust. but it was worth it and I don't regret anything
  18. X
    by Sevaskar
    Omega Omega
    One of albums that I could claim to be one song - tracks so perfectly flow one into another. Slushy guitars, broken beat and dirty electro sounds blend into one melody and dissolve into each other. “Alpha” and “Omega” are my favorites because of their rock character.
  19. Silent Strength
    by Sevaskar
  20. The Heroes (Inspired by the music of Paul Anthony Romero)
    by Evoking Winds
    The Waltz of Bracada (HoMM3 Tower) The Waltz of Bracada (HoMM3 Tower)
    Intense reimagination of the classic videogame soundtrack that for me is inseparable from heavy ,etal culture and aesthetics. Very close to the original yet so fresh. The Waltz of Bracada is insane.