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  1. Demo Compilation
    by Occoquain
  2. Twisted Tower Dire Demo 1997
    by Twisted Tower Dire
    Beyond The Gate Beyond The Gate
    This demo carries the true, undying spirit of heavy metal and sets the precedent for TTD's legacy of unyielding guitar work. Janet's one-time role as vocalist is supreme.
  3. every time i drank your breath it was sweet
    by isata
  4. endlhëtonëg
    by Trhä
  5. Из хаоса древних времен / From The Ancient Chaos
    Tough as fuck ‘epic thrash’ with merciless vocals, resounding heavy metal leads and barbaric riffs that crush all posers on impact.
  6. Lurking Hand of Fate
  7. デモ 一
    by 七生報國
    Fucking killer. Inspired compositions with vehement energy. They maintain integral lo-fi truth while exceeding other genre conventions.
  8. Tales of Future Life, War and Native Survival
    by Cold Moon Strange Heart
  9. Estraik Back
    by Los Esplifs
    Dudes nail the old sound with new style and absurd truth.

    FFO: Psychedelic cumbia, Celso Piña
  10. Cremation Of Lingering Hope
    by Burier
    by BAT MAGIC
  12. You Will Succumb to the Hate You Possess and Your Failures Will Destroy You
    by Virulent Specter
    Deeply malevolent, dissonant, and iconoclastic. Nothing about Virulent Specter sounds 'good.'
  13. Mntu
    by Ushangvagush
  14. Morbid Despotic Ritual
    by Gosudar
    Gosduar stand out as dirtier and more mystical, carrying the characteristic energy of Russian metal. A monolith of tuff staccato riffs, enshrouded in the massive atmosphere that's built by the dynamic drums and swirling leads.
  15. Cruelty & Necrospection
    by Solipsism
  16. The Watcher's Tower
    by Oppressive Descent
  17. Abhorrent Rapture
    by Witch Vomit
    Sleazy Blue Ridge hard jams for those unafraid to rock. There's a lot of variety and soul in this lil EP.

    ffo: The Stooges, Gygax
  19. Æumbra
    by Æumbra
    Isolation Isolation
    A solid demo with songwriting that holds weight.
  20. Wilt of Rose's Crimson (Demo MMXXI)
    by Apparition of Sunlight
    Triumphant demo. Riffs are extravagant and commanding.